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Apr 24, 2011 - A day in Peterborough

Today we headed north for the day to the town of Peterborough. The town sits on the Trent-Seven Waterway. Peterborough is known as the gateway to the Kawarthas, "cottage country", a large recreational region of the Ontario province. It is named in honour of Peter Robinson, an early Canadian politician who oversaw the first major immigration to the area mainly from Ireland. The main attraction in Peterborough is the Peterborough Lift Lock, the world's largest hydraulic lift lock, which opened in 1904 after taking eight years to build. It is...

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Aug 8, 2007 - visiting

Today we took a trip up north to Elim Lodge to visit John Adams. On our way back we stopped in Peterbourgh to view the lift locks. What an interesting trip. The lift locks are highest lift locks in the world. One of only 8. The lock, with a lift of 20 meters (66 ft) is said to be the world's highest. We also visited our dear friend Wendy Dozois.

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Traveling in Style

Sep 24, 2005 - Campbellford

After 8 1/2 hours we made it 58.5 miles and through 7 locks, Scotts Mills, Hastings, Healey Falls(set of 3), Crowe Bay and Campbellford. We had read that the cheapest diesel fuel on the system was at the Campbellford Esso so we filled up and were rewarded with a free night's dockage, compelete with hydro and internet access. Mom and Dad had given us a chicken that they couldn't use so the Captain covered it in jerk sauce and cooked it on the bbq.

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Sep 23, 2005 - Peterborough

We made excellent progress today, in only 6 1/2 hours we locked through 11 locks - Buckhorn, Lovesick, Burleigh Falls, Young's Point, Lakefield, Sawer Creek, Douro, Otonobee, Nassau Mills, Peterborough, and Ashburnham. We headed into Peterborough on foot in search of the Canadian Tire store to buy a new handheld GPS. After walking for an hour we broke down and took a bus the rest of the way. We bought the last Garmin hand held GPS in stock and caught the first of two buses back to the lock. We missed the second bus by seconds, actually...

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Sep 22, 2005 - Mom and Dad Wood join us

After 4 days in Coboconk we are underway again and we have guests on board. Mom and Dad want to experience a little travel along the Trent Severn and passage through a couple of locks. We travelled through Rosedale lock, Lake Cameron, Fenelon Falls lock, Lake Sturgeon and Bobcaygeon Lock, enjoying some lunch while underway. We tied up to the wall in Bobcaygeon and Mom and Dad kissed us goodbye and wished us well on our trip south. The Captain and I continued on through Buckhorn lock where we tied up for the night, along with several...

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Aug 13, 2005 - Cousins, Cousins and Second Cousins: Our Family Reunion

Ottawa is likely a very fine place, but several days on the road had left us looking forward to reaching the Cestnik family cabin, where real beds, properly cooked meals, and especially laundry facilities were waiting. Most important of all, Kirsten's mother Lisa, stepfather Jay, and numerous cousins and their children were all assembling there for a reunion. We thus had a quick swim and hit the road. We bought more corn (picked 15 mins. earlier, I was assured, and I think it was true), buttertarts, and blueberries from various roadside...

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Aug 12, 2005 - Darlington to Campbellford - 138 km

We awoke to the same sounds that we had fallen asleep to...the murmurs of the 401. Both of us were quite tired after the busy rest day and the late night out with the gals (oh dear...when did I start considering 9.30 a late night?!), so we were a little slow to get rolling. Rolling out of the tent we noticed grey skies above and the lurking possibility of rain. After a breakfast of French Toast we hit the road...today only one PBJ - just in case of emergency since Cor's family was treating us to lunch by the roadside on the route today....

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Aug 2, 2005 - Toronto

It's as hot in Toronto as it was in Singapore, and I am loving it, having left the the southern hemisphere and it's winter weather!!! I have adjusted well to jetlag, considering the time difference and amount of time I have spent traveling in the past four days, and took advantage of waking up early and went cycling in downtown and on the Toronto Islands! What a lovely city! I went to City Hall and visited the Green Roof Infrastructure Demonstration Project, which discusses urban agriculture, permaculture, and other green initiatives for...

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Jul 15, 2005 - To the Cestnik Cottage

(Had a great visit with my Aunt Stephie and Uncle Vic. They spoiled us and had taken so much care to make sure we felt welcome and had everything we needed. Auntie Stephanie took me to see the sewing machine my grandmother left me (I'm trying to devise a way to get it home...)and we visited the cemetary were my grandmother is buried. The boys and I headed off in the mid-afternoon to join my Mum and (Jay) Step Dad at the Cestnik cottage in Buckhorn, which is east and north of Toronto. We arrived just in time for dinner and the boys were...

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