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Jul 4, 2017 - Canada crossing, Oakville

We drove about 100 miles from Ann Arbor to the border. We filled up at a Port Huron Krogers which was a couple of miles from the border. Gas in Canada is more expensive. Lake Huron is so beautiful, so blue! A fast drive over the bridge and we got in line for customs. There were a few cars in about 5 lines. We stressed because we got in a line that wasn't bilingual but fortunately the attendant spoke English. It was pretty simple with only a few questions. He was welcoming. There was a cash teller office just past the border so we got some...

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Jul 7, 2014 - the Gray Family

For 2 glorious days I got to sleep in a double bed and not worry about what was on the shower floor. It was heaven, then add in a fun 11 years old an kind and interesting 15yr old and an old friend oh yah and Lucy, the dog. and Peter the Dad. and I can not say enough about my time there. Oh except for the Vegemite, no thank you. Emma and I played games, jumped on the trampoline and walked the day. We talked about traveling and dreams and find a home. My thanks goes out to this family in a way I can not express. When I was with the family,...

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Jul 7, 2014 - Niagra Falls

Niagara falls, What to say about it??? First, it is worth seeing. Second, it is overwhelming with energy. Sometimes I found its pressure on my chest, it was so thick. Third, there seems to be this really weird culture of lying I found. ˝the power in the hostel will be turned on from 8-11am and pm˝ Truth: we will turn it on when ever we damn well feel like and oh yah is still goes off at 11, even if it did not go on until 10 ˝the bus pass expires tomorrow at midnight and if you need to get tot he bus station the day after that it will...

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Jul 7, 2014 - Niagra on the lake

How to explain this little town on the lake??? It is cute and lovely and overly crowed. hahahaha I should have gone in the fall. Oh well. I enjoyed walking around and looking at all the houses and shops and sitting on the water. I am glad I caught the first bus of the day because by 2pm the American folks were invaded. The energy here flows way easier then in Niagara Falls. I could breathe easier and felt more calm here. I have to say for all the road blocks, for back packers in eastern Canada, I have been glad to finally have given...

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Jul 4, 2014 - Montreal

Montreal was a seed planted by a coworkers years ago. I was happy to walk through (old Montreal) and get a bit of the Europe feel. And it did have a better energy then the east coast. But it was not for me and I am glad to explore farther in this country

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Jul 3, 2014 - Breakfast at Stoney's Bread Company

Day three - up early and hungry - we mounted up and headed to Oakville to Stoney's Bread Company for brunch - oh, yum. It was awesome! We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the company of our fellow hogs. Maurizio and Rosanna joined us for the day. We loaded up, swapping riders -eh? Barb decided that the seat on the back of the bike that Jack had rented was not comfy so she rode with Jack's brother, David. Okaaaaay. Anywho, we left out of Oakville and headed to our next stop via the scenic route - Jackson-Triggs winery. All aboard!

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Jul 3, 2014 - The power of the mind

Being able to decide you don't want a thought pattern and stopping it or changing it in its steps is for me part of how I have changed over the last 9 months. I don't want complaining to be my first instinct. I have leaned to go positive or stop the thoughts in their tracks. I am not perfect at it but I am doing well. I am also learning to talk myself in to the life I really want. I am starting to understand that the subconscious garbage that I picked up as a kid or from the world around me and only now got to a place where I am...

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Jul 26, 2013 - Visit to oakville.

Tigris morning Judy took us to see Oakville a quaint little city just outside of Missisauga. It has a lovely Main Street. Most of the lamp posts have hanging pots with flowers that are a riot of colour, even the sidewalks have large pots of flowers. The whole place was beautiful with flowers and trees and big palatial houses. Apparently the rich and famous live out here. Took some photos from the pier at the lake which is Lake Ontario. Could spend a whole day here just going through the shops, stopping at cafes and just generally chilling...

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Mar 9, 2013 - Anestis and Tanya's Wedding

Hi Arrived in Oakville on Tuesday night. We got here and helped with all the final wedding prep.... This meant we were up till 2 or 3 each morning trying to finish everything!! Extremely tired each day and no time for the computer! I know hard to believe for me!! Lol. The wedding was fabulous! A wonderful day....but a late night again. Peter and I danced a few Greek dances and we danced the last 1 1/2 hours till 1 a.m. We had extremely sore legs the next day! The kids had a hotel next to the reception hall and we took their children home....

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Nov 26, 2011 - Some of our Neighbours already have their Xmas lights up....

Our preparations for xmas so far have entailed buying warm clothing and getting winter tyres for Claire's car. The neighbours round here have so much time on their hands that they created a tasteful version of Blackpool. There are more and more going up each day. We'd better get out tomorrow and keep up with the Jones'

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Nov 14, 2011 - So where did October go????

It has been another hectic month over here (and over there as well no doubt!) combining school, work, settling in, and our first UK visitors. Guides - Cookies As the girls had enjoyed Guides and Brownies so much in the UK, we were keen to find somewhere for them to continue their interest. There are several groups around, and whilst in the UK Sylvie would have now joined Harriet in Guides, over here Harriet has moved on to Pathfinders whilst Sylvie stays in Guides. Of course, trying to find two groups that meet in the same part of town on a...

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Sep 11, 2011 - Moving in

The container was unloaded on Wednesday 31st August and unpacking continued on 1st September. The team were good, and as part of the insurance requirements, the team have to unpack everything. Claire was losing patience on the Thursday as they were unpacking stuff with no where to put it. When the head man turned up to see how it was going, she turfed them all out with loads of boxes unpacked, waiting for yours truly to head down to Ikea to buy more shelving, and bedroom units. (much of our furniture was built in at Charmouth Road). My...

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