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Jun 11, 2016 - Quaint small Cottage country Towns

Today we did a side trip to Port Carling and Gravenhurst. Both are right on water,Port Carling is on the lake, surrounding a bay. The terrain is lots of Rock, with rolling curvy roads that meander around these huge rocks. The road and terrain go up and down. Lets build a town not in the flat prairies but on this rolly polly road. It reminds me of the old road to Cultus Lake or Green-point in Harrison. We have enjoyed our stay here at Muskoka Wines, and now onto another Small Town. This area has been know as Muskoka Lakes.

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Jun 23, 2009 - Week Three - water, water everywhere

Took a wrong turn Monday morning, and couldn't u-turn easily, and so continued on a winding road in West Virginia and happened upon the National Radio Observatory, home to the Green Bank Telescope. This thing is over 300' diameter, and listens to signals from outer space. Jodie Foster was handing out coupons to "Contact". Remember? There are 4 of these observatories around the u.s., listening, listening, listening...very strange. We were trying to hook up with Nick,Miriam and the baby, but were in a 13,000 sq mile "no radio" zone. I thought...

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