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Aug 3, 2019 - Sandcastle Festival & Sleep Over

Long weekend started out with an afternoon of clothes shopping and lunch with Monique! Priceless when you can get solo time with your daughter ;-) And then a sleepover at Moniques which was fun with kids waking us up and spending time with them too. Cobourg had a sandcastle festival this weekend too - lots of outdoor things going on with music, food, markets and lots and lots of people. I gotta say this Sandcastle festival was a shadow of the one that used to be held in Harrison. No where near the quality of entrants but 100 times the...

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Jul 26, 2019 - Cobourg Beach

What an amazing beach at Cobourg!!! Beautiful wide sandy beaches, splash parks, climbing parks, swings, swimming pool and ice cream parlor. Great way to relax and watch grandkids build castles, forts and lots of moots𯘆 Sunshine! Constant gentle breeze makes 30 feel like 25 𯑍

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Jul 19, 2019 - Cobourg

Here we are, our home for a couple of months. We have a 1200 sq ft carriage house which is 2 blocks from beautiful downtown Cobourg- historic buildings, streets lined with massive flower baskets, cafes, shops and beside harbour and beach. Our next few weeks we will enjoy the area (including farmers market tomorrow), towns and wine growing areas nearby. Not to mention, the joy that comes from seeing grandkids𯘍

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Jul 30, 2013 - Toronto (ON) to Grafton (ON)

I had a wonderful four-day rest at home. I did most of my running-around on the first day so that I could relax for the remaining three. On Sunday, our wedding anniversary, Kerstin surprised me by taking me for a flight in a glider, something I had never done before. It was an unforgettable experience. I was tempted to forgo the rest of the ride, but that would not have been in my nature. So this morning I awoke at 4:00 am, had breakfast and headed to Toronto to rejoin the group. I arrived at the Novotel Hotel in North York at about 6:00...

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Feb 21, 2011 - Depart Toronto!

I uploaded some photos of what we're leaving behind. Goodbye winter!!! We've become master packers and have easily fit everything we think we'll need into a 65 litre back pack. I even have enough room for a tripod so I hope to get a chance to use it. One thing (among the many!) we've learned while traveling is how little one really needs. We're on our way! The trip started out with a bit of sweating on my part as I watched the Air Canada check in lady count on her fingers after looking at the expiry date on our passports. Uh oh. After...

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Nov 14, 2009 - Planning!

I think I've got the final details in place! The flights are booked. The Nairobi tour is booked. I've finally booked the last 4 days that we're not with a GAP tour group. Ultra light sleeping bags have been purchased and some gifts for people we meet on the way. Deposits are paid and now it's just a waiting game. COME ON JANUAARY!!!

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Aug 1, 2008 - Grafton, Ontario

Had a swim in the pool this morning and sat in the sun for a while. I managed to change 6 books at the book swap so that should keep me going for a while!! We should have checked out at 11am but they said we could stay until the new people wanting our spot arrived. It so happened that the couple I chatted to while changing my books were the new couple so Steve and I sat and chatted to them for about an hour and finally left at 12pm. We had a fairly short trip along the Ontario Waterfront Trail, although we only caught a glimpse of the water...

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