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Aug 14, 2015 - in the Banana Belt

Our final campground in Newfoundland is in the banana belt, the southwest corner of the province. The Anguille Mountains, just north of where we are camped, are famed for their winds. At their worst they blew a few cars of a narrow gauge railroad completely off the tracks. We were glad that we drove through on a more temperate day. We enjoyed a day without planned activities in the warm sunshine, but are guessing that this isn’t the tourist mecca that our previous stops were. It has some of the best farmland in the province. We are here to...

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Jul 8, 2014 - To the ROCK!

To The Rock! Today we got an early start and arrived at the ferry terminal in North Sydney before 8 AM. We were required to arrive by 9:30 for an 11:45 departure, but thought we would rather arrive early and make sure all was in order. We were very near the front of the line, and that’s a good thing because first on, is first off at the other end ( although we didn’t know that when we arrived). We relaxed in Norm and Ria’s Essex and watched Breakfast Television while we waited for boarding. I was concerned about getting sea sick, but...

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Aug 16, 2013 - Grand Codroy, Newfoundland

August 16, 2013 travel day to Grand Codroy, NL We have a short travel day, only 150 miles on the TCH-1 highway. But before we headed out, we visited the insectarium across the street from the campgrounds. The ground floor has the butterfly enclosure which was interesting. The second floor had several mounted insects of various sizes and species. They had a bee hive with a glass enclosure. The owner gave a presentation on bees the was very informative so while watching the bee hive we could understand the difference in the types of bees in...

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Jul 12, 2013 - Screech

Tonight was the "Screech" ceremony at the campground. This made us honorary Newfoundlanders or "Newfie's". First you put on a fisherman's hat, ate a piece of bologna, repeated phrases that none of us understood, drank a shot of screech (rum), and did a dance making us all look like fools. Then we all got to kiss a real cod - yuck. And finally, each of us was knighted with a rum bottle and given a certificate. Oh my, we certainly laughed at ourselves and each other.

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Sep 8, 2010 - Grand Codroy, Newfoundland

Tuesday, September 7th – Grand Codroy, Newfoundland Early morning start, drove south along the west coast of NFL, beautiful country & rain storm #1. As we experienced “re-entry” into civilization, all rigs stopped at the large center with Walmart, Bulk Foods store & the fabulous Canadian Tire! It was an RV happening! Spent some time mucking around there in the sunshine & warmer air & after lunch headed out again through rain storm #2! Along the way figured it was time to get fuel since we were looking towards empty. Guess what! Seems there...

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Jul 22, 2010 - Ferry to Newfoundland, hike in the mountains

After a very short night, the captain announced we were an hour away from land at 5:00am. Neither of us slept well since the walls of the cabins were paper thin and the guy on the other side of my wall snored and the staff was talking in the hall. During the night we lost another half hour of sleep since Newfoundland is a half hour ahead of AST. We had breakfast on the ferry while he was pulling into dock. Pulling off the ferry was scary because everyone was very close and the guy next to us was crowding our lane. Luckily no one hit and we...

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