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Aug 9, 2017 - travel day

Our stop for the night is actually 10 miles north of Deer Lake in a very small town called Bonne Bay Pond at a new campground called Jackladder RV Park. There was an optional stop at a salmon interpretive center but only a couple with small rigs stopped! We would have had to unhook and drive a bit and pay a fee! I remember well what I learned in Alaska so I don't feel like I missed out. Evelyn and Shirley said it was no big deal and not worth the price. There was also a pullout to view a lake but there was a big truck in there...

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Jul 17, 2017 - Gateway RV Park (7/17 - 7/19/17)

We got to western Newfoundland and spent 3 nights at Gateway to the North RV Park. It was a pretty big park and was nearly full. Just across the street is the Insectarium. We got all set up and were going to go over to see it. We visited one last year in Santa Fe, NM. By that time it was too late because they were closing in 30 minutes. On our way that day we ran into a 45 minute stall behind road work. They were resurfacing the highway. It really needed it! Also, there were many signs warning of moose, but we saw absolutely no moose on the...

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Jul 8, 2017 - Gander......more than just a wide spot on the road

It was pouring today as we said goodbye to this part of NFLD and headed off down the TCH for the west. Because we had done all the side roads coming east we decided to take the quicker though far less scenic option on such a miserable day. Stopping in Gander Wayne went to see the aviation museum and it was excellent. The history of this place is amazing. It was built in the late 30’s chiefly because it was a flat piece of land near the railroad with a lake handy to land sea-planes on. At the time it was in the middle of nowhere as close as...

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Sep 6, 2016 - Another day in he Park

A slow start this morning, but eventually made our way back to Gros Morne National Park to see some more Points on a different side. As we travelled the hyway , there were a lot more higher elevations, looking over the St Lawerence Gulf. And very windy as well.I was hanging on the HS Handle a few times. We stopped at a Discovery Centre that displayed tons of information on the park and how it became. Another school day for us in history. The view today as we drove was magnificent. And it helped being a clear sunny day . We got back to our...

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Sep 5, 2016 - Gros Morne National Park

Today we set off to see Gros Morne National Park. As we traveled through the park the windy roads and water along side were so beautiful. Lots of drop offs that were cliffs caused by the St Lawerance erosion. Truly amazing. We reserved a spot to go on a boat tour into Western Brook Pond. Frank and I had to walk 3 k in , taking in the natural habitats of the land, from the marshland , to birds, trees, grassy land., we then hopped on a tour boat for 2 hrs . To see all the rock formations, several waterfalls, the pond use to be part of the...

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Sep 4, 2016 - Deer Lake NFLD

Our journey today took us along The TCH 1 and we decided to go into Stephenville and go around The French Ancestor's Route. As you can see with the pictures I posted, there was a loop around the water. Very scenic. I was concerned pulling the 5th wheel , but Frank managed it just fine. We then carried on to Deer Lake Campground in Deer Lake. Very reasonably priced and a good hub for unhooking and venturing off site seeing. Tomorrow we are going to Gros Morne National Park, and area , recommended by a few people we talked with. It was a...

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Aug 1, 2016 - Preparing for the tour

Pasadena, NL Aug 1-2 - Cornerbrook & Pasadena The drive was mainly a divided hwy, the terrain was rolling, you drive up and then down, not step, just long. This terrain reminded me of the Fraser Canyon on the Hope side, and changing to Salmon Arm area, as all of the hills/mountains are covered with trees and the fields covered in grass and hay. We picked up a few things at Walmart, and got water at the Dollar Store. Arrived at Jim & Dot's place in Pasadena around 2 pm and got parked, Jim's is a fellow I worked with back in PG. We have a...

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Aug 5, 2015 - an unscheduled stop

Trans Canada Highway 1 is the main road through the interior of Newfoundland and a decent two lane road for the most part. However, all the interesting places we want to see are on the coast, founded long before the highway system was built. So our pattern here seems to be going a bit west on TCH1 and then driving up a finger to a sea port destination and then retracing our steps, driving a bit farther west and going up the next finger. Lots of driving, not all that much progress. And when you travel over an especially squeaky, creaky part...

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Aug 15, 2013 - Deer Lake, Newfoundland updated

August 15, 2013 travel day to Deer Lake, NL The day started off with heavy rain that lasted to about 8 am but didn’t completely abate. It was still raining when we left the campground at about 8:30 am. One could see patches of blue sky in the distance as we made our way to Deer Lake some 260 miles south but once we got there it was a short respite as the dark clouds were ahead again. Just before the turnoff to the Labrador ferry (at mile 70 from the previous campground) we saw a moose and calf swimming across a small pond (they are...

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Aug 15, 2013 - Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Today was a travel day and we had a long day with rain and high winds and 251 miles to cover from St. Anthony, Newfoundland to Deer Lake, Newfoundland. The day started out with moderate winds and light to heavy showers. We left the campground around 0830 and it was raining light and heavy showers for the first fifty miles or so. The rain eventually tapered off to nothing more than an annoying mist. However the further south we went the stronger the winds. We arrived at the campground around 1430 and after setting up we drove the...

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Trip Journal

Newfoundland 2013

Aug 9, 2013 - Deer Lake, NF

Just an overnight stop, but across the street from the Newfoundland Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion. We visit this the morning before driving on. It was a really experience, he had a bee hive and explained all about bees. And butterflies is imports the lava and hatches them all there. It was a fun morning then off to Grand Codroy where we will spend two nights and take the ferry off of Newfoundland.

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Jun 19, 2013 - Nuffie Screech-In Welcome

Today we drove 143 miles in the motorhome to Deer Lake, Newfoundland. There was 8 foot fencing along the road for miles and miles that said it was moose fencing to keep the moose from crossing the road. There were utility poles with wood crates built around them and the crates were filled with rocks. This is because they either could not dig down far enough to place the poles to make them secure or because the soil was so unstable that they needed to secure them with rocks in case of high winds. We drove miles through mountains of trees...

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