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Jun 16, 2018 - Caraquet New Brunswick

June 15th We are determined to slow down now that we are finally in the Maritimes. We are travelling coast lines that are right out of a New Brunswick travel log. White homes sit at the top of open cliffs overlooking Chaleur Bay on the Acadian Peninsula. Stop at Caraquet at a spot right on the Bay. We are even serenaded by a travelling guitar player. This time I will let the photos speak for themselves.

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Jul 10, 2017 - Out of Quebec and into New Brunswick

We left the campground at 7 AM!!!! and arrived at our new campground in Bertrand, near Caraquet) at 4 PM Atlantic time (3 PM Eastern). To go from point 32 to point 33 on the map entailed going down the rest of the coast of Gaspe and up the coast in New Brunswick. We stopped at a Tim Horton's and found it is like Dunkin Donuts. Next stop was at a visitor center for New Richmond near the end of our Gaspe experience. Then we stopped at a lookout tower that looked over a marsh but we didn't see any birds. The last stop was at a truck stop off...

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May 29, 2017 - we thought our French was pretty good

Many of the tourist info offices (actually much of the tourism industry) are not yet open so trying to find out information on Miscou Island was a bit of a challenge. Heading off this morning with the little that we had discerned from the internet the four of us took off in our truck. Missing our corner we ended up at a dead end road………..going through some less than charming neighbourhoods………..seeing some sights most other tourists don’t get to enjoy………….and finally deciding that maybe we should let the GPS guide us back to the straight and...

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May 28, 2017 - finally we hit the Maritimes - YIPEE!

Sticking to the coast road we slowly made our way along the Baie des Chaleurs and enjoyed the differences between this coastal road and the ones in Quebec we had just experienced. There are all kinds of Acadian flags flying and painted on things like telephone poles, fences, mail boxes, etc. It took us a while to figure out what the French flag with a gold star on it represented. Wayne, being a flag guy, now wants to find a shirt with an Acadian flag on it. He may have to be satisfied with painting it on our telephone pole when we get back...

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Sep 6, 2016 - On the Acadian Coast

Monday, September 5, 2016 Happy Labor Day everyone. Today is Labour Day in Canada also. Gas stations and most restaurants are open. Most other businesses are closed – including Walmart! We started the morning with a stop at Tim Hortons. Doing our part to help the Canadian economy. This was mainly a travel day. After visiting Tim we headed to the Confederation Bridge. We paid our $46.00 toll (covered round trip) and joined the caravan heading south to New Brunswick. After crossing we started northwest following the Acadian Coast Drive along...

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May 20, 2016 - Cambellton to Caraquet

Breakfast was easy, walk over to Timmies and buy some! A very short run planned for today, 2 hours or so to Caraquet, easy run. Tony and Shirley went on ahead, they needed fuel. We didn't link up again until we arrived at Colibri Camping. Little did we know there are 2 campgrounds owned by the same people with the same name. Of course the odds of us winding up at the same campground were against us. They had gone to the waterside one, we went to the first one we found, not knowing any better. Tony and Shirley joined us and we set camp early...

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Sep 6, 2015 - new Brunswick

Left gaspe and got into new Brunswick counting on finding a tourist center right away. Didn't happen , things are starting to close. Got in a nice campsite at pokemouche. Supposed to be hot tomorrow so hope to hit a beach. Looks like rain after that. Been so lucky with weather so far. No pics today.

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Aug 10, 2015 - Caraquet, NB

We have been basically “off the grid” since leaving Prince Edward Island. We went to Moncton, New Brunswick which has limited RV parks and none have dependable WiFi. We dry camped at a large casino, won a couple of bucks and ate some great buffet food at cheap prices! The only place we had WiFi there was at McDonalds and it was poor at best. We then went to Shediac on the coast and saw the world’s largest lobster (at the visitor’s center). We picked up a lot of travel information to find things to do on our way up the New Brunswick coast...

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Jul 6, 2015 - Caraquet, New Brunswick

We are now into New Brunswick, the 'other' French-speaking province. We were told that New Brunswick is "the bilingual province", but in the north there are many people who speak French only. As you travel south more and more people are bilingual. One thing for sure, the roads are a whole lot better here than in far eastern Quebec! Caraquet is home to the Acadian Historic Village, where the Acadian history and culture are preserved and celebrated. They have about 40 authentic houses and barns that have been moved to the village to create...

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Jul 6, 2015 - a new province

We drove the southern edge of the Gaspé Peninsula, a final scenic look at picturesque villages with churches with shiny metal roofs. A small bridge brought us into a new province, New Brunswick. We haven’t gone far as the crow flies, but it took us about six hours to drive up one side of the peninsula, cross the river, and drive back down the next peninsula. The timing is a bit vague in my mind, because we also lost an hour since we are now on Atlantic Time, an hour east of the Eastern Time Zone. Part of the route included a pseudo...

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Aug 10, 2014 - Village Historique Acadien

It was in the 50's overnight and the day warmed to a sunny 70, perfect for our day at Village Historiqe Acadien. The village is comprised of authentic houses and farms, each brought from a different Acadian location and each true to its specific time period, laid out over a mile and a half walk. Maison (house) Martin is the oldest house in Acadia, dating to 1770. At Charles Robin Company-1860 they salted and pressed fish and were making nets. At Ferme (farm) Doucet-1860, men were picking onion tops to make the favored "herb salt." Bread was...

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Aug 9, 2014 - Caraquet in the Heart of Acadia

As we prepared to leave Petit-Rocher, the activity du jour seemed to be vehicle washing, which is specifically prohibited at the campground. This map of the Maritime Provinces gives a better perspective than most, although it does not show how vast Quebec is. The peninsula between Bathurst and Miramichi, NB is Acadia, along with the surrounding area. Caraquet is on that peninsula. It was less than 100 miles along coastal and forested road to reach Caraquet, considered the capital of Acadia. Homes are decorated with pennants and the Acadian...

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