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Mar 21, 2020 - March 21 & 22, 2020 - Toronto to Edmonton then Vancouver

Our flight to Vancouver had been changed to an overnight connection via Edmonton, so we still had a long journey ahead of us. We had enough time to go to the only restaurant open in the Toronto airport and have a meal. It took awhile as the managers were working the tables, as many staff were laid off. When it did arrive, it was delicious and we didn't mind at all as we had 4 hours to kill. Our flight to Edmonton left about an hour late as they were holding the flight for other international connecting passengers. Our seats (the only ones...

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Mar 12, 2020 - I ❤️ Victoria

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD As much as we like to travel the world, we love coming back to our condo in Victoria. For nine long years, we travelled from September to the end of May, and returned to spend the summer months, without a home to return to. We didn’t mind it in the least, we loved the freedom to roam around British Columbia and Alberta visiting friends and family for June, July and August. When autumn rolled around again, we would set off and it was easier not to have a home to worry about, and all the associated cost of...

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Mar 12, 2020 - Vancouver (In Transit)

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD We were pleased to find that the business class section of the flight on Air Canada to Vancouver wasn’t completely full. There were definitely more passengers than the five of us on the ANA flight from Delhi, but it didn’t feel crowded and we were happy that there were some empty seats around us and that some people were wearing masks like we were. The flight attendants were all wearing masks as well, it helps to protect them as they work and hopefully ends up keeping us safe as well. We had three hours to kill...

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Feb 14, 2020 - Feb 14/20 - Vancouver to Toronto

We arrived at the YVR airport very early for our flight. The bikes took a little longer to check in and we found out that we had to open up the boxes for security inspection (after we taped them up like Fort Knox!). Our flight left on time with no issues and it was a pleasant flight to Toronto. Upon arrival we found out that we had to collect our bikes and take them with us. Thankfully the Sheraton Airport Hotel was able to put them in storage for us. It is Valentine's Day and only about 7pm so we head down to the lobby bar/restaurant. It...

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Feb 10, 2020 - Mon Feb 10/20 - Amsterdam to Vancouver

We arrive into Amsterdam at 7:30am, Tammy, Shane & Val head to the KLM lounge and I go to meet Fero coming in from Vienna. His, and many other, flights have been delayed due to high winds and storm Ciara over England. He finally appears around 10:30am and we spend the next two hours, as well as a portion of the flight home, catching up and telling our stories. The flight zipped by and we arrived home safe and sound around 3pm. It’s great to be home, however Africa calls for another visit soon!!

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Feb 1, 2020 - Vancouver (In Transit)

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD At first we balked at the idea of leaving Victoria in the middle of the afternoon when our flight out of Seattle wasn’t until shortly after midnight on Feb 2nd. However, I pointed out to Anil that we would be awake all day anyway so we might as well be on the move. Besides, by starting in Victoria instead of flying a day early to Seattle, we were able to take another suitcase with us at no extra charge. In fact, we could have each taken one, but we didn’t have that much stuff to pass along to family in...

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Jan 17, 2020 - Bye-bye Vancouver

Standing at the Vancouver International Airport in the dark and pouring rain, I could only hope that Madrid would be a sunnier place! It was 5:30 am and I was all set to go. I had narrowed down my belongings to one manageable back-pack with a detachable daypack. All of my necessary documents were safely tucked in my money belt beneath my waist band. I was ready, set and raring to go! The flight to Toronto was uneventful -- the usual breakfast-and-a-movie kind of flight. I read and re-read the instructions in my guidebook for navigating...

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Nov 13, 2019 - Vancouver (In Transit)

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD After seven weeks away, it was great to be in striking distance of ‘our island home’ in Victoria. We had a couple of hours between flights which meant we weren’t feeling rushed to get through immigration and customs and make our way to the domestic departure gates. This was the very first time that we had to interrupt our travel plans because of unforeseen circumstances. Once we are settled and over our jetlag, I will try to make a claim on our Trip Interruption insurance provided through our credit card. Fingers...

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Oct 12, 2019 - Canada - Various

Last night, our convivial hosts and friends, Barb & Bevin, kindly hosted a dinner at their house where we could see some other friends in the area, some of whom I have not seen in almost two years (my how time flies!). The dinner was excellent and the company even more so. Lots of laughter, along with good wine, reigned supreme. Sandy and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cheryl, Robert, Penny, Brenda, and John. A picture of the dinner companions is attached. Today, Barb, Bevin, Sandy, and I were local travel vagabonds as we visited a number of...

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Oct 11, 2019 - Canada - Fort Langley

Today's adventure took us to the town of Fort Langley, on the outer suburbs of Vancouver. There one can find both a charming town and fort of the same name. The town is a livable town, versus merely a tourist attraction, and as such has shops, cafes, etc. Attached you can see pictures of a shop, a log cabin shop, Sandy and a friendly (thankfully) bear, etc. Fort Langley itself was established in 1827 by the Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trading post, and another picture is of examples of fur that were traded. The company established itself...

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Oct 10, 2019 - Canada

On the 9th, Sandy and I drove from Seattle to Vancouver, actually Surrey, British Columbia, and spent a relaxing evening with our hosts, Barbara and Bevin. Today, we went to the charming shore town of White Rock, which lies just above the border with the U.S. As one perambulates along its long shoreline promenade, you might catch a train coming from the U.S. that runs adjacent to the walkway. Fortunately, that did not happen during our visit, and we were free to enjoy the beach type atmosphere, cozy shops, and varying restaurants that...

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Sep 26, 2019 - Vancouver

26 September 2019 Our last full day in Vancouver, and in Canada. Have enjoyed a quieter and relaxing day. Had a coffee together in our unit before heading off to the Pacific Centre for a look around. A very upmarket shopping centre and we were looking for the Disney store. Thought it might have been able to help with a T shirt we are looking for, but that wasn't to be. Found the Food Court for lunch, checked out a couple of other shops on the way back home. Had a quiet afternoon before heading back down to Canada Place to watch the British...

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