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Jun 27, 2017 - Prince George to Jasper Skytram

The drive from Prince George to Jasper was a nice drive - travelling through mountain ranges, forests, farming praires on wonderful roads. Considering they have very hot summers (highest of about 32) and freezing winters (lowest of about -35) the roads here are great, much better than ours. Lui reckons the Aussies need to come over a do a course in road building. We were told to visit Mt Robson and pleased we did - what a hill it is! It has the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains and is still cover in snow. Upon reaching Jasper, with it...

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Jun 23, 2017 - Mount Robson National Park

Spent the day seeing one beautiful mountain range to another. Stopped at numerous waterfalls some we were allowed to walk to others we had to stay in car cuz they were too steep. Decided we would be doing a long hike the next day so took it easy and only did about eight miles. We saw two more black bears on the roadside and a couple of deer.

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Aug 22, 2016 - Valemount to Mt Robson, Clearwater and Kamloops

August 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd. I seem to be getting behind in my updates but there is good reason for that which I will get to but first a quick recap up to yesterday. We traveled the Yellowhead hwy from Prince George to Valemount and decided that we could not pass up seeing Mt Robson again. Bill and I hiked the area when we were much younger and fitter and have not been back in 35 years (or there abouts) It was stunning and we enjoyed 2 days in the area and had spectacular weather which gave us a chance to do a "walk" to...

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Oct 6, 2011 - Rocky Mnt House, AB

We got to Rocky a wk ago. Drumheller was great! The campground was very good, the only thing was our dish did not work. We spent a lot of time Caching and got over 150. We saw a lot of country and got lost almost every day. We moved to Rocky and set up at Trishia's. She has a very nice place in the country, about 7 acres. We still could get no Satellite, too many trees. Sept 28 took Rusty too the vet in Red Deer and had an accident on the way in. Everybody OK except the Jeep, it will be about 3 wk getting fixed. We took the coach to West...

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Sep 12, 2011 - Starting out

It's Sept 7th and we are starting out on our great adventure! Our 1st stop will be Mount Robson prov park. Rob, Danyelle &adyen are in a run there. Rob is doing the marathon. On our way up we filled up with fuel in Kamloops ($245) Oh well I guess you have to pay the price to live the dream! Mount Robson is spectacular and the campsite is very nice. We did a couple of hikes and got a couple of Caches our 1st day. That is our plan toa littleitle Geo=Caching every place we go. We are really hooked on it and it gets ulittleitle exercise. Rob...

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Jul 25, 2010 - Mount Robson down to Maple Ridge

From Mount Robson we drove all the way down to Maple Ridge the next day, and managed to get a campsite at Rolley Lake outside Maple Ridge which we were able to book for the whole week. We spent the week visiting with family and having them visit us; we also took care of medical appointments, shopping, and other chores in the suburban area. On Sunday August 1st we drove home to Port Hardy, thus officially ending our year of adventures. And guess what - life started back on it's old frantic pace - way too frantic for a couple who weren't...

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Jul 24, 2006 - Mount Robson Provincial Park

It was so hot we decided to take a quick trip to Maligne Lake (The biggest in the Rockies) via Medicine Lake, so called because natives thought it magical due to it's having no inlets or outlets - it fills and drains throughout the year via underground lakes and streams. We also had a lucky encounter with big-horned sheep crossing the road at one point - they spend most of their lives up on the hills skipping from one precarious ledge to another, avoiding predators. We decided we shouldn't leave the Rockies without seeing it's highest peak,...

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