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Aug 30, 2012 - Day 13, Hike up Perley Rock

Day 13. Thursday. 8/30. After a beautiful full moon to start the night, it soon rained and was wet and cold when we got up around 8:30. Bill made a morning campfire and we tried to warm up while eating oatmeal. We hung out until about noon when the weather turned nice. We packed up and left at 1:00PM for the "strenuous and ambitious 6 hour long" hike up to Perley Rock. It is 10.8 km long (about 6.5 miles long) and ascends 1143meter (3429ft) We hit the rain forest first and everything is so green (image #143). We see cool rocks (#144). Out...

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Aug 29, 2012 - Day 12; Hiked the Asulkan Valley Trail

Wednesday, 8/29. We get up around 8:45. It was a cold night and it rained all night long. It is 42 degrees and damp! The riverside site across from us becomes vacant and we decide to move the camper the short distance across road to occupy it. Bill makes a campfire and we keep it stoked and fueled all the way thru the rainy morning and until 2:30PM. We each ate a date bar and a butter nut bar for breakfast from the bakery we had stopped in at Golden. We were still pretty full from the dinner gorge of the previous night. We soaked 4 ears of...

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Aug 28, 2012 - Day 11, Hike to the Glacier

Day #11. Tuesday 8/28. We are up after a good nights sleep by 7:45AM. We hear a train, so we rumble down the hill and onto a dirt road that takes us to the tracks. Bob took photos # 120 thru #125 as train passed. We snack on fruit and pack up camp as we want to get a good campsite at our favorite Park, Illecillewaet in Canada. We pass a bridge in Golden and #126 is the view from it. We gas up and get pastries from Golden Bakery and Deli. We eat great carrot cake in the train yard and photograph the train in images #127 thru 129. We proceed...

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Aug 27, 2012 - Day 10, Crossing into Canada

Day #10, Monday 8/27. We sleep in as we are dead from yesterday's hike. Forgot to mention that most of the hike yesterday was in the sun and it was unseasonably warm so we need a recovery day. #111 is our Glacier Park campsite. We find a note from two neighbors, Linda and Steve, that we had talked with the day before. Linda was kind of a hippie and it come thru in image #113. We pack and hit the road by 12:15. We take US 2 West to 93 North. We stop in Whitefish and pick up "supplies" at the Great Northern. Brewery (image #114) including a...

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Aug 14, 2010 - Glacier National Park, BC

We spent the day in Canada’s Glacier National Park (not to be confused with US Glacier national Park which is Canada’s Waterton National Park and a couple 100 miles south of here). We ate lunch at the visitors’ center looking at the Glaciers in Rogers Pass. We stopped and went for a short hike near Illecillewaet Glacier campground. This is the same location as a swanky hotel was located from 1901 to 1927 in Rogers pass. This hotel was only accessible from the railroad that went through the pass. In ~1925 a tunnel was put in to avoid the...

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Aug 10, 2009 - Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is not to be confused with Glacier NP in the US which we will visit in a few weeks. We took a walk through a hemlock forest here. The mountains here are steep, so most of the hikes are way beyond our abilities. Just driving through is awe-inspiring.

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