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Nov 12, 2018 - Toronto

Our flight was to leave at 145 so we got up late and took our time. At about 11 am Barry says in a panic “where is the black bag with all my clothes?” We search the room to no avail. I go down to the front desk and ask about the bag in lost and found. They do not have it but will search other rooms it might have been stored in. I frantically call Peter to ask if it was left in his truck. Peter agrees to drive home during his lunch break to double check that it is not in his truck. I call the person checking our house and ask that she check...

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Nov 11, 2018 - Departure day

V day Sunday. There was lots to do today including preparing the house for our departure. We drained all the toilets and the hot water tank and put RV antifreeze in all the drains to prevent ice from forming. We will leave the heat on but want to minimize any problems if there are any furnace issues. Pete picked us up and took us to the Edmonton airport hotel. As our departure to Toronto is in the middle of the day we thought it best to spend the night at the airport hotel. As well it is a relaxing way to start. Luckily I still have...

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Nov 10, 2018 - Pre Christmas

Saturday day T minus 1 Today was a tough day. We had to take the cats to a kennel. This is always tough especially since our cats are older now. We had planned on taking them with us to Panama however we think due to their health they may not make the trip. Spidey cat the cranky one did not want to go in the crate and I ended up chasing her around the house and closing off rooms behind to prevent her from hiding under furniture. In the end she finally went to to the carrier howling and hissing at me. Usually she is easy to get in the...

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Aug 8, 2015 - travel from Minot, ND to Saskatoon, SK to Edmonton, AB

As we leave Minot and we are still in ND, I look into a field and see a couple of tractor trailers surrounded by chain link fence and topped with barbed and razor wire. One of the trailers had a picture of a colonial Minuteman. My analyst days started up and I did some research and found out that there are indeed Minutemen Missiles in ND and particularly around Minot. It looked strangely like my sewer grinder pump in the front of my house. One would think it easy to enter Canada. They say they are our friends. I now have doubts about that....

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Jul 27, 2011 - Bluegrass festival Starts

The Blueberry Bluegrass festival officially starts on Friday at noon. Barry however has been on site since Monday. On Monday night there were 1/2 dozen units parked and ready to roll for the festival. By Tuesday there was over 50 units. As of today there are now about 100 or so units parked. Not everyone is staying on site. Myself for instance as I still need to work until Tomorrow at noon. Although the official start is on Friday the jamming began this evening. Pictures of the first small jam. It didn't last too long as the sun started...

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Trip Journal

Summer 2011

Jul 16, 2009 - First Day of School

We will have to home school the boys as best we can. We have scanned texts, borrowed teacher resource CD's, downloaded online materials and borrowed from teachers all the materials that the boys will need to keep up with their studies. We have also bought a roll up electric piano to keep them up with their music skills. How this all works out in the end we are not certain but the worst case scenario is that they do nothing and that they end up a year behind...which will make them the oldest strongest, fastest, most mature kid in class who...

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May 22, 2009 - Day 23 Stony Plain Camp

today's drive day 23 (may 22) looking back at jasper NP, the road to edmonton was what we expected from jasper to edmonston - our trip was thru rolling terrain w/dense forest and farms it was a very long valley much like the plains of nebraska/and dakotas. the hiway we took was trasn/can 16 called the yellowhead route but not sure what that ment...??? if it means what we think it means, that's weird! we found this neat campsite on a small lake just west of edmonston and plan to do edmon., in the morning, sat., no rush... we may plan to stay...

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