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Jan 21, 2009 - Kratie - LAST STOP IN CAMBODIA!

Kratie- my last stop in Cambodia. The 6 hour bus ride had incredible scenery while driving up. Very lush and green with plenty of cows and buffalo blocking the streets. And the street was paved!(for the most part)Only staying here for a day to break up the travel time for crossing the border up into Laos. Kratie is pretty laid back and while walking through the street in the blistering heat, the locals were very friendly with warm hellos and smiles. Kratie is famous for seeinf the rare, endangered freshwater irwaddy dolphin in the Mekong...

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Jan 5, 2009 - CAMBODIA - Kratie

For a quick overview of Cambodia provided by the BBC, click here Our overland crossing from Laos to Cambodia was relatively uneventful. Had to pay each side's border police $1 of bribe money for them to stamp our passports, but this used to be more expensive. The bus service on the Cambodian side was pretty awful - had to change vans twice (the one that picked us up at the Laos border was very nice, the one they transferred us to at the next town was not and was crammed full of fellow tourists and a few drunk Cambodian relatives or...

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Jun 5, 2008 - Kratie - Cambodia

We left Don Det yesterday, and were Cambodia bound. Our trip was supposed to start at 8:00, and we missed breakfast, so I (Andrea) was not happy to begin with. Well turns out that when you book a tourist bus they make you wait as long as possible so that when they stop the bus outside of a restuarant or guesthouse, you are too tired and cranky to care what anything costs, you are just glad you are finally getting somewhere. We hit the border at about 10 am even though it was only a 15 min boat ride plus a 15 min drive. I was not to...

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May 9, 2008 - Kratie

Nachere lange Busfahrt simmer miteme neue Abentuer belohnt worde: Sin alli 9 (unser Omi isch nit mitko...) mit Toeff abgholt worde und ca. 20 Min. an e Fluss gfahre worde. Ab denn isch Delfin-Watching agseit gsi. Haenn einigi Irrawady Delfin gseh - dr Hammer gsi !! Zwuescheduure haemmer au d'Fiess in Fluss bambele lo und gmietlig plaeuderlet oder de Fischer zuegluegt bis sich wieder e Delfin blicke lo hett. Super Oobeschtimmig und au tolli Schtimmig in dr Gruppe ! So macht s'Laebe Spass ;o)

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Apr 13, 2008 - Kratie

In Kratie hat uns das Neujahrsfest der Khmer nun wirklich. Einerseits ist dies eine wirklich spannende Sache ... immerhin ist es unser erstes Khmer-Neujahr, andererseits ist es aber auch etwas anstrengend, da fast alle Hotels voll sind, die meistens Restaurants und Laeden geschlossen sind und auf Transportmittel- & Hotelpreise ein ordentlicher Neujahrsaufschlag dazukommt. Schliesslich finden wir aber dennoch ein Hotel und irgendwann auch eine Lokalitaet zum Abendessen. Ein wenig ueberdruessig der Reisesserei, sind wir schliesslich gerade...

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Jan 14, 2008 - Moving Up the Mekong

We left Phnom Penh early this morning to head north-east. The veneer of tourism is very thin in Cambodia. Siem Reap is very oriented to tourists, but beyond that the tourist area is small to non-existent. Even in Phnom Penh, the tourist area is one block thick along the river for maybe half a mile or so. As you leave the city, the countryside is very beautiful with emerald green rice pattys, water buffalo, cows, pigs etc. Many horse drawn carts, ox carts, motorcycles, bicycles and small trucks all carrying incredible loads. The typical...

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Trip Journal

Our Trip to Cambodia

Jul 9, 2007 - Kratie - Day 4

We could see an island across the Mekong River and decided that we would check it out today. After getting some supplies for lunch, we boarded the local boat and cruised over with the locals, all of which were looking at us thinking "where do you think you're going?". We just smiled and enjoyed the ride. The island was a similar experience as yesterday in that not many tourists ventured over to it. There was no electricity, no restaurants, no roads, no vehicles and only dirt path. However, the island was fairly big (2 miles long by half...

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Jul 5, 2007 - Kratie, Cambodia

Hi guys Well after nearly a week of doing nothing, we managed to tear ourselves away from the blissful island of Don Det and head south into Cambodia. We crossed the boarded with no problems and headed south to a town called Kratie. Cambodia seems very rural so far, all the houses are variations of wooded huts and many people live in a tiny one room hut on stilts. The towns seem more advanced but after what Cambodia has been through it seems that even this is a mirical. For those who dont really know the history, like us before we got here,...

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Feb 27, 2007 - Kratie

The bus journey to Kompong Cham was OK I guess. I am always surprised how many native people suffer with motion sickness and throw up while traveling by bus. What's more surprising is that at the next stop they will buy all kinds of food and half hour down the road, up it comes again! Perhaps they have a compulsion to replace what was lost. Thank goodness for plastic bags. We passed through the town of Skuon where Lonely Planet says they enjoy eating eight legged friends. Spiders!!! Well they do have more drum sticks than chickens. We...

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Jan 12, 2007 - Four Thousand islands and On into Cambodia

Four Thousand Islands (Si Phan Don) VIX Blog Entry After the Plateau, we pit-stopped at Pakse again before heading to the furthest southern point of Laos and the Mighty Mekong's entry into the Four Thousand Islands, so called because much of this area remains submerged during the rainy season, only revealing itself during the dry months. A couple of Islands, Don Det and Don Khon are large enough to support all-year-round communities and, on Don Khon, where we stayed for about five days, life goes on as it has done for hundreds (if not...

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Oct 8, 2006 - Kratie/Phnom Penh

We head for the even smaller provincial town of Kratie, up the Mekong. There's nothing really here, other than a group of rare freshwater Irawaddy dolphins (one of only 4 places in the world where freshwater dolphins exist). So we head in bikes to the port, then ride up the Mekong in fading light to dolphin watch. They're shy, but we eventulaly find a spot, cut the engines, and witness the animals circling our boats and regularly surfacing for air. Cool, and a nice sunset on the Mekong. Next day we head to Phnom Penh at the crack of dawn...

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Oct 2, 2006 - CAMBODIA: Kratie

Kratie was a short stop over before heading to Laos. It is known as the place to spot the rare Mekong dolphins. I decided to hire a man and a boat, a dutch couple joining me to go on the dolphin hunt. We thought the captain was having us on. He kept pointing and shouting dolphin. Eachtime there was just water, water and more water!!! Eventually we moored ourselves to a tree (!!), turned the engine off and sure enough the odd dolphin would come to the surface for alittle air and then submerge himself again. Pretty cool, but they weren't as...

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