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Jan 8, 2006 - Kratie and Kompang Cham

When we arrived Kratie did not seem like much to speak about compared to Lao. At first it seemed like a lesser, not-as-tasty, not-as-friendly, kind of Lao. Kratie itself was a small river town, like many we've seen before but different in a way we didn't quite understand at the time. It was a little more difficult to get around as a tourist, and the whole town closed at 7:30 turning it into a ghost town. The only place open was the Red Star Falling, a café bookstore owned by an obnoxious drunk man from Chicago. We didn't really do much in...

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Mar 28, 2005 - Kampong Cham

After two very intense days we headed off to the country side town of Kompang Cham, where we visited some wats (temples) the markets and tried more of the excellent Khmer food (including some fried spiders!! Yummy:) photos are soon coming. So, its been great, and we're excited to see what comes next when we head to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat one of the 7 wonders of the world. Should be good. Chat to you soon!

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Jan 31, 2005 - Small towns

After three nights in Phnom Penh we decided to begin working our way through the country. We headed into Eastern Cambodia, which, during the Vietnam War, was heavily bombed by the Americans in an attempt to chase the Vietcong away from the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The attempts proved largely unsuccessful and thousands of Cambodian civilians were killed, wounded or left homeless by the attacks. Our main destination, Kratie, is a tiny town on the Mekong river that doesn't hold much in the way of tourist attractions. However, it is close to...

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Jan 12, 2005 - La descente du Mekong jusqu a Kampong Cham

Mercredi. On quitte Kratie et ses dauphins pour Kom Pong Cham, petite ville a mi chemin avant PHP.On y va en bateau, histoire d admirer un peu les rives du Mekong. Tres sympa meme si il n y a pas un paysage tres varie mais surtout ca change du bus. On a choppe en plus quelques coups de soleil (enfin surtout Manue) mais ca fait toujours partie du package! Une fois sur place, visite express (encore en mobilette, sans casque et a 3 en plus !!) Sympa de voir encore des bonzes et des temples On dort dans un vieil hotel de l ONU ou on peut faire...

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Jan 12, 2005 - Kampong Cham

This was an exhausting travel day! I left my guesthouse at 7 am by motorbike to get to the other side of the island to board a fisherboat to get to the border (Voen Kham, 5 km away) On the way there I had the pleasure of seeing the rare Irrawaddy dolphins. After completing the customs formalities in Lao (paying 2 dollars to the customs officer to get the exit stamp) the bargaining for the boat ride over to the Cambodian border and further south to Stung Treng began. After a while we were 16 people and got the price of 10 $ per person (4 in...

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Nov 29, 2004 - Kompong Cham

Kompong Cham is a larger town in Cambodia, but also the place were we became familiar with the extreme poverty in the country. The poverty is due to the decades of internal conflicts, among others the Khmer Rouge Regimes systematic brutal reconstruction of the society during the 1970th. In Kompong Chan we lived just next to a gathering of primitive huts were families were packed in one room and dirty children running around begging for money. We were only passing through the town, so we had an early quiet evening, going to the local cinema...

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Sep 29, 2004 - Kratie - Kampong Cham

These 2 towns have no tourist spots really... We just used them as a break from travelling. We had a little wander around the markets which are mostly stalls of pigs ears and intestines as well as snout and tongue. We have seen it several times roasting away! Probably what we get in our Walls'sausages but we just never see it! The food is similar to China so we have been vegetarian for a few days. Deb has been desperate for beans on toast for a while now and just as we were leaving on the bus we saw it advertised! She was gutted - it was...

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