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Jun 3, 2004 - Cambodia

The amazing adventure is continues, after avoiding the many scams in Poipet, a town on the Thai/Cambodian border with 'very few redeeming features' (according to the people at Lonely Planet), I was on a bus to Seim Reap, a Cambodian town about 150km from the Thai border. This was the main route into Cambodia from Thailand and it was unpaved most of the way, it took the bus 5 hours to cover the distance. Stace had a sore back for about three day after this bus ride while, aided by the pot holes in the road, I managed to hit my head on the...

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May 19, 2004 - Phnom Penh

Our success with long journeys continued with our epic Siem Reap to Phnom Penh boat journey. After the horrors of the road network we thought we'd take an easy option. Clocking in at a nippy 4-5 hrs the speedboat was the choice of the discerning traveller with an eye for the finer things in life. Wrong! We'd reckonded without the assistance of the Cambodian Idiot All-Stars who managed to get us marooned in the largest freshwater lake in the region, in a whole 3ft of water. Solutions ranged from driving in circles churning up mud to efforts...

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May 9, 2004 - Phnom Penh

Night time in Phnom Penh. You walk along the stinking, dirty, pot-holled streets, the night sky flashing with electrical activity above you. Into a bar for an essential cold beer and a game of pool. The "hostesses" are on your arm in a moment with the eternal question: "Where you from"? Then the rain comes and you are trapped. Motorcycles churn through the river that has formed outside the bar as you wait forlornly for the water level to drop. Outside "The Heart of Darkness" bar a thief is being dragged through the water, threatened by his...

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Mar 16, 2004 - phnom pehn

Arrived in Phnom penh after a 9 hour bus trip from Siem Reap. The journey wasn't too bad, surpisingly. The roads here have an extremely poor reputation and I wasn't looking forward to it but I reckon I've had worse bus trips between Glasgow and London. During the trip you could see how little the people here have. It is a mainly rural economy with the vast majority of people scratchng a living from small plots of land and there small stocks of pigs, chickens and cattle. When we arrived it was total chaos. The bus stopped at a street corner...

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