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Oct 4, 2008 - BACK IN TERESINA

10/08 I am changing my luck number to 8. We picked this day to transfer our dollars to reals. Due to world economic conditions, etc, etc., the dollar gained 25% over the real. LUCKY DAY!!! JOY SUPREME!!!! Still no internet. One must be extremely patient here. I believe the philosophy of all the checkout clerks I met here is " if you get here after lunch we might get you home for breakfast tomorrow or the next day". I believe the business philosophy is "the customer is someone to jerk around." Promised internet in 3 days . It's 3x3 now. The...

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Sep 25, 2008 - Brazil Brasil Brazil Brasil Brazil Brasil

A Brasil for each month we will be here! We arrived in Teresina, Brasil an hour early at 3:00 PM 9/25. Lina's family picked us up sat the airport and took us to our new home. Lina's sisters had stocked the cupboard and refrig with provisions, showed us around the house, cooked our dinner and showered us with family generosity and affection. The temp was a mere 102 F. Bedroom was 72 F. After an hour or so of 'continued flight', it was off to dreamland. 9/27 Today was spent acclimating to our new enviornment and surveying the plants in the...

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Jun 29, 2006 - Barra Grande

Barra Grande es una playa bastante alejada de todo. Solo van algunos brasileños y los que tienen casa alli, sobre todo a hacer kite surf. Fui a encontrarme con el hermano de una tia que tiene casa alli. Muy bonito y muy tranquilo. Lleno de palmeras, el clima espectacular, el agua caliente, y poquisima gente en la playa. Un pueblo tipicamente brasilero. En la noche fuimos a una fiesta del pueblo, con espectaculos de danza y todo. Ya el 1er dia cuando me paseé por el pueblo, todo el mundo me miraba, a ver quien era "el nuevo".

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Mar 19, 2006 - São Luís and Lençóis Marenhenses

Met Alessandro on the flight from Fortaleza, this time he had his luggage so he was a bit happier. He said he doesn't like to rough it, so his holiday was a package booked in Italy. His driver met him at the airport, I changed my ticket so I could spend some time in Lençóis Marenhenses National Park. São Luís is another colonial town, I'm getting the hang if it now... get a few pictures, no need for a tour! Got the bus a long 4.5 hours to Barreinhas which was the town closest to the park. Me and Stefan were the only foreigners on the bus so...

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Mar 26, 2005 - Brasil - Sao Luis

We had been reccommended a hotel in Sao Luis but when we went to look at the rooms they had dead cockroaches in them !!!......decided not to stay there ! Tom and Nick went to have a look at other Pousadas in the area. There were a lot of disgusting places around, and they weren't that cheap ! They were also in the lonely planet which we found surprising. Finally they found a good place called Pousada Portas da Amazonia, and although it was a bit more expensive it was worth the extra. We ended up paying R$85 a night but the room had a/c and...

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