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Apr 25, 2013 - Tour by car

Drove to Clarence Town to see Dean's Blue Hole and the Flying Fish Marina. Both were very nice. Originally , we were going to stay at the FF Marina, but decided to cut about 100 miles off our trip and stay on the west side of the island. The marina is owned by our neighbor's business partner in Key Largo. Pics of Dean'sBlue Hole

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Mar 28, 2013 - Moving On

We have been on the move. On March 10th we upped anchor early and motored south out of Elizabeth Harbor, past the end of Stocking Island, through the cut and into the Exuma Sound which is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean. The trip wasn’t quite that easy. As you approach the cut, there are coral heads (some exposed, some not), big limestone rocks, small coral cays, and confused seas with BIG rollers. If only it were possible to get a picture that depicts quite how wild the water is! Following the channel on the GPS is the only way to find...

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Feb 25, 2011 - sailing through the Exuma chain

hello Family and Friends, Hope all is well in your lives! Its been a slow go,travelling 2 days and waiting four days for nice winds. Although we do not mind,sitting in our bathing suits and swimming while we hold up! We did choose however to remain in Georgetown for 3 weeks,enjoying 400 cruisers this year! Met many familiar cruisers,and new ones as usual.This year there are a lot of kids on boats, gathering on the beach to play games. It is interesting how kids of all ages play to-gether, we wish Amanda was here to have the experience. When...

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Mar 26, 2009 - Long Island, Bahamas

Long Island is indeed long by Bahamian standards. Roughly fifty miles long but only a couple of miles wide at its widest point, this Southern Bahamian island runs north to south, it’s eastern side dominated by rocky bluffs and its western side a sloping and shallow bank. Silverheels II was weathered in here for 6 days while twenty-five knot winds kicked up ten-foot seas and sent spray crashing over the barrier reef. Like most islands in the Southern Bahamas, Long Island is lightly populated and not easy to reach except by small plane or...

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Mar 7, 2008 - 660 Feet Deep

23 54.6 North 75 03.3 West Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas Wow what a day! We pick up our Toyoto Camry with 190,000 miles on it and quickly begin our tour of the island. I get the feeling that if we just tell the car where we want to go it will be able to automatically take us to that destination. And to beat it all we have to remember to drive on the left. Our first stop is the world famous Deans Blue hole in Turtle Cove Sound about 15 miles south of Thompson Bay just past Deadman’s Cove and Scruff Bluff Cove that is found without the...

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Feb 21, 2007 - Off the beaten path

The stay in Fresh Creek ended with a night to remember at Hank's as we helped celebrate "Speedo's birthday". Neither the walk home or the underway the next morning revoke any clear memories from either of us. Our sojourn along the Andros coast was in search of a place less traveled where we could avoid weekend sailors and the din of popular media. Or perhaps, it was in recognition that it was going to be crowded in George Town...a center of activity in the central Bahamas, especially two weeks before the Regatta. That thriving sailboat...

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Sep 4, 2004 - Long Island, Bahamas- 2001

Bahamas Getaway Part 2 (Western Caribbean Islands map) In Bahamas Getaway Part 1: Welcome to Long Island, a skinny landmass plunked down in the Caribbean Sea. Located southeast of the Exuma Cays, this 76-mile long island is an unspoiled, tranquil, and scenic hideaway divided by the Tropic of Cancer and bordered by two strikingly different coast lines, one with powder white beaches and the other, rocky headlands that descend suddenly into the sea. Its interesting caves, gorgeous bays, towering cliffs and rolling hills are in direct contrast...

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