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Apr 19, 2013 - Fishing in Andros

Yesterday, Jim and I fished. Caught 8 dauphin. All of decent size. Actually, they were to large for our cutting board. As you can see who the mate is. You know the story, "The Big one got away!". Really, it did! Jim had at least a 50+ lb dauphin hooked. It jumped numerous times before freeing itself. This one was a baby compared to the one that got away! We are learning how to barter. This guy was traded for 50 lbs of ice! We are staying on land today and plan on departing Andros at daybreak tomorrow, the 20th. We will be traveling for...

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Apr 17, 2013 - Arrived in Andros

We decided to cross the Gulf Stream Monday night at 11:30 The weather was to calm to pass up. Believe it or not it was my idea and Jim jumped at the opportunity. The seas were great and the night crossing was uneventful. For you non-boaters, that means it was perfect! We traveled for 16 hours and anchored in a harbor with a few other boats. We caught more Mahi Mahi than we've caught all year in FL. It killed Jim to throw some back, but we only had so much ice. Next time! Also, I will remember to take pics. Oops! Later! Love Celia

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