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May 17, 2004 - Red Cliffs Newsletter 1

Welcome to this news service provided by the inhabitants of Burning Shores Backpackers. NEWS Joong Gab and Who? departed for pastures new last week and were quickly followed by a Swedish drunk by the name of Jonass. This means we are currently down to 5 remaining contestants in the struggle to be the last person staying. Favourite at the moment would have to be Brad but even he nearly suffered a heart attack when his van "disappeared" on Sunday morning. On his return from a late night session which must have finished very late, he arrived...

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Apr 16, 2004 - Recap of last few months

G'day from Mildura. I'm slightly hungover at the moment so some of this email might seem like gibberish. Everything is going brill over here. At the mo we're stuck in Mildura which is about nine hours northwest of Melbourne. We're doing farm work and trying to save money to go to Perth. Unfortunately because of the Irish colony we've created at the hostel and our habitual sessions, this has proved a bit tricky. The weather up here is gorgeous with temperatures below 25 very rare so Paula has a great tan and I'm slowly catching up a bit. We...

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Mar 21, 2004 - An update from Red Cliffs

Hello to everybody. Everything is going well here in Red Cliffs. Vicky and Lisa arrived down from Tully last week and have settled in well. They filled us in on all the madness that happened in Tully after we left. Naughty people. Been working hard for the last few weeks but gradually saving enough money to go to Perth. At the moment there are 17 people in the hostel and 11 of them are Irish so you can imagine what Paddy's Day was like. Thinking of getting two camper vans for the trip to Perth, might even paint them green, white and gold....

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Mar 5, 2004 - Working Away on the Vineyards

Hola. At the moment, it isnt that hard to get a job once you dont mind lifting weights all day. To be honest, I dont know what it will be like come the 20th, it depends on how many people are in the area and what type of workers are needed. For instance, Paula had a job on a local farm earning 14 dollars an hour but it only lasted for 10-11 days and now the only work available is picking which is contract rate and is not worth her while doing cos she'd only be making 60 dollars or so a day. My job is lifting the boxes that have been picked...

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Feb 16, 2004 - Back in Red Cliffs

Hey Emily. We're in Mildura at the moment and it is such a relief. Its very warm but you don't sweat that much at all unless you're doing really physical work. Starting work tomorrow so that should be fun. Up at 4.30. The Whitsundays were great it was just a pity that the weather wasn't so good. But hopefully you'll have better luck. Keep your eyes peeled for some big ass turtles. We think we'll be staying here for about two months so that we can travel the west coast without too many worries. Anyhoo, bye for now. God bless Tully Alan + Paula

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Dec 8, 2003 - News from Red Cliffs

Hello to everybody back home. Sorry we havent had the chance to write but we have been working our arses off. We have been doing work on the Treviso Estate in Red Cliffs and for the last ten days it was 6am till 6pm unless the weather got too hot or a thunderstorm hit (both of which happened quite often). We are staying here until the 28th of December when we will be flying to Sydney for New Years Eve. Hopefully we will have enough money to keep us going for a few weeks after that too. The weather is unreal hot out here. Tomorrow is...

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