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Aug 18, 2015 - We're off!

Hi Everyone, We flew out of Tullamarine at 11.40pm. after Roger kindly drove us to the airport. After a very comfortable flight we landed at HongKong to refuel, and then on to London (Heathrow), then another short flight to Dublin. Landed safely in Ireland at about 6.45pm. I think it was Wednesday 19th August.

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Apr 28, 2015 - Melbourne Airport Departure Lounge

All checked in, through Security and Customs - all okay! Sitting waiting to board, and now starting to relax - our holiday has commenced joined by other members of the Choir who also will be spending two days in Brunei. Walking through the Duty Free shopping, just beyond, Kristian heard a pianist on a baby grand, we wander alongside and got a request for New York, New York - so a piano and a tenor singing along - all adds to the variety! I'mm, it's 11.48' supposed to depart 12.15 - boarding is a little late but no worries. Black Rock Travel...

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Apr 28, 2015 - Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne

I packed up then checked out of the apartment by 11:30. My flight’s not until 8:15 tonight but there’s an airline Check-in Counter at KL Sentral so I was able to check-in & get rid of my suitcase then I put my carry-on bag into a locker & was free to do some more sightseeing this afternoon. I’d saved several places near KL Sentral, the first one being the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple which is one of the oldest & most elaborate Hindu temples in the country. It was a bit of a challenge to find it but it was amazing. I wish I knew the stories...

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Apr 13, 2015 - Mildura to Melbourne

Dropped Alexander off at the cattery at noon. There were 2 other cats there & maybe he'll learn that he's a cat, not a dog because he doesn't meet any other cats in caravan parks. My good friend Eve Byron drove me to the airport. I had no trouble checking in but I'd hope I would be able to book my bag all the way through to Singapore. That didn't happen because my flight to KL leaves tomorrow (5 minutes past midnight) & the computer system couldn't cope. It was really no big deal & the wait at Melbourne Airport went quite quickly until the...

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Apr 4, 2015 - Max'n'Me Day 5 -Melbourne & Penguines

That night, someone made the fire alarm go off in our hostel. Fortunately they could turn it off again quickly, but within 5 minutes we had three firefighter trucks with blue light standing in front of the hostel. Quite impressive if one thinks about the size of Melbourne. We couldn't compensate the lost sleep by sleeping in because in the morning we met up with Katha and Sanahan again and first explored the 'Queen Victoria Market' together. In the widespread market hall we found stands full with leather wares, fruits and vegetables,...

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Apr 3, 2015 - Max'n'Me Day 4 - Melbourne

Not even a week has passed and our stuff had already spread out to every corners in the car, so the interior had become quite messy. To avoid nervous breakdowns during the trip just bceause we wouldn't be able to find our food (or even more important, our coffee) in there anymore, we started the day with cleaning/reorganising the booth until it was in an ordered and usable state. With a little help of a cup of our self brewed coffee, this normally boring and annoying task was done easily. With the car in such a presentable state, we felt...

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Mar 31, 2015 - Melbourne - Day 3 and last day

Hello FOBTs, This update will be comprised of three parts: 1. Stuff I forgot to add yesterday 2. Things I did today 3. A short update with some pictures of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Update 1: Early this morning I realized I forgot to add two things to last night update. First, while in St. Kilda, I had a very good Italian dinner at a place called Topolinos on what I believe is one of the town's main streets called Fitzroy Street. I have not extolled the food much in my updates, but overall I can say the food, especially dinners have...

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Mar 30, 2015 - Melbourne - Day 2

Melbourne - Day 2 FOBTs, This is an early update, way too early since it's only about 0530 here. I awakened, hopefully only for a short time, thinking I forgot to add something about my drive from Adelaide to Melbourne. The first and last parts of the journey were on motorways, or divided multi-lane highways. However, most of the trip was on two lane roads. Therefore, I got the opportunity to not only drive on the left side of the road, but to also pass people on the smaller roads. In fact, if I had not passed a fair number of those people,...

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Mar 29, 2015 - Melbourne - Day 1

FOBTs, This was Day 1 in Melbourne. Before I begin my diatribe...ah, description, I must relate that I almost had to go to the hospital this morning. Why you ask? Because I was so congratulating myself for driving so well yesterday by patting my back that I almost dislocated my shoulder. Okay, I am kidding about the potential medical problem but not about the driving. I spent almost 18 hours driving yesterday, and topped it off by coming into Melbourne's theater and casino district with absolute mobs of people and traffic. Nonetheless, I...

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Mar 28, 2015 - Melbourne - Great Ocean Road

FOBTs, Today's sermon is about that in which you believe. I believed that my adventure of today would involve me traversing the Great Ocean Road between Adelaide and Melbourne. So, off I went in my rental car at 0630 (6:30 AM). I knew it was a long way between the two cities, and I certainly did not believe all of it would be along some spectacular water views, and I was partially correct. The first 9.5 hours I never even saw water. Rather, I did see a lot of variety in the topography of South Australia, mainly flat plains interspersed with...

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Mar 26, 2015 - Melbourne, Australia

The visit in Melbourne is a little more than halfway through this very long cruise and Pete checked in to say that everything is going well. With several days between ports on this cruise, he is always glad to go into town and visit a little bit, looking for free wifi and having something to eat that is different than what he eats on the ship. They have had several interesting headliner acts on this cruise, including a Liberace-style pianist and a magician. Also, he said the onboard production crew did a special, headliner type show and...

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Mar 20, 2015 - Melbourne

Frid.20th March 2015 Weather: - Sunny/18Degrees Melbourne 8:00---->18:00 Just letting you know we did get off the boat in Melbourne—we went right to the end of the pier then turned around and got on board again....Tut, Tut I guess we are what is called ‘a lazy tourist’ The piles that you can see in some of the photos give Herman and I strong memories of when we were in Melbourne for the first time in our lives--- Herman in September 1952 and I in January 1954, they are the remains of a very long jetty where our migrant ship the 'Johann van...

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