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May 24, 2017 - 24th May, 2017. Daylesford

24/5/2017. Daylesford We woke to fog and rain, so had a quiet morning with Ian doing his puzzles and me knitting. The rain cleared on and off, and after morning tea the sun was breaking through, so we went for a drive to Hepburn Springs and visited Wyuna Springs, then on to Shepherds Flat to Cricket Willow, the only place in the world where you can observe a Jabaroo cricket bat being made from start to finish. Unfortunately, it was closed today, but we have been there many years ago. There is a cricket oval with stands where you can try...

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May 23, 2017 - 23rd May, 2017. Daylesford

23/5/2017. Daylesford We've just spent 5 nights in the 'city' and each morning woke up naturally - no noise. Today, our first morning back at Daylesford, we were woken by a backhoe and trucks loaded with more digging equipment driving down the dirt road past our van. Oh well - country bliss! It tried to rain at about 7am, but eventually gave up, and by the time we left the van at 9am, the sun was out. We had a lovely day looking around Daylesford, starting with a few Charity shops to buy wool and needles for new bed socks for Ian, and then...

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May 22, 2017 - 22nd May, 2017. Melbourne to Daylesford

22/5/2017. Daylesford Another beautiful, sunny day in Melbourne! I wonder what tomorrow will be like when we've gone! We farewelled Tony and Tam this morning before they left for work, and then got our washing up to date before leaving Seddon and heading back to Daylesford. We had a good trip on the Ballarat road and then on to Daylesford. I wasn't aware just how hilly and how pretty the Victorian countryside was outside of Melbourne and travelling west. We unpacked the car and decided it was much cooler here than in Melbourne, so after a...

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May 16, 2017 - 16th May, 2017

6/5/2017. Daylesford I didn't feel cold last night - but I did have the electric blanket on 1 all night - that seems to be a local recommendation. It was 4 degrees when we got up, but the sun was shining, and somehow, it doesn't feel that cold then. Our first stop was the 'Info' where we spoke to a very enthusiastic man, who gave us many ideas of what to see and where to go. He told us that there are many extinct and dormant volcanoes in the area, hence it appears that land has been cleared, but in fact, there has been no clearing...

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May 15, 2017 - 15th May, 2017. Deniliquin to Daylesford

15/5/2017. Deniliquin to Daylesford A pale blue clear sky with not a cloud this morning; this afternoon a beautiful blue sky with clouds! Like the changing scenery - predominately native gums in the morning, and a mixture in the afternoon, including some vibrant stands of trees shrouded in red and gold. Bendigo was beautiful. Since Armidale, we've seen less autumn tones, but it looks like Victoria is turning it on for us. Again, there was not a lot of traffic on the road today, and we had a good trip south. We arrived at Daylesford at...

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Jan 16, 2017 - Cobden to Mount Franklin Hepburn Reserve (Approx 10k from Daylesford)

After taking the dogs for a final run around the Cobden footy oval, we finished repacking the van with everything we’d taken out in the last week (seemed like half the van!), and gave mum’s house a final clean to hopefully remove all trace of it being overtaken by 2 dogs in the last week. Then, after a cup of coffee, it was farewell to mum and we were back on the road just after 11am. We are heading toward Rochester to visit my Uncle Bill and Aunty Rae, but have planned an overnight stop to break up the journey. So, after driving almost...

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Sep 2, 2014 - Sailors falls

I finally packed up and left Castlemaine at 12.30 It was sad to leave but I'm looking forward to the next leg of the journey too. Just after Daylesford I stopped to check out Sailors Falls, a really pretty spot with waterfalls, mineral springs and walk trails.

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Aug 31, 2014 - Mount franklin

I was out driving and saw one of those tourist signs pointing to a turnoff for mount franklin. I thought, that's interesting , I wonder if it's where the mount franklin bottled water comes from? Maybe there is a natural spring or something? So panda and I went to check it out. It was pretty weird. We spiralled up a big hill which had a pine plantation on it and the road ended at a little hollow, surrounded by pines, which was a free camping area. And there was a tent with a chimney - I guess this is a yurt? Then we saw a sign for a lookout...

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Aug 25, 2014 - A gorgeous day out with Jackie in Dalesford

Jackie took me out to lunch for my birthday, at the Convent in Daylesford. It's a beautiful historic mansion which was originally built during the 1860s gold rush as a private residence, "Blarney Castle", for the Gold Commissioner. The church then purchased it in the 1880s for its presbytery and eventually became a convent and girls boarding school. The top floor was the nuns infirmary, as it was the room "closest to God". Over the years additions were made to the original building, for example the old front of the castle was enclosed to...

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Feb 26, 2013 - Daylesford

We learnt of Daylesford from a local in Byron Bay - she recommended it as a nice way to end the great ocean road, as it is known for its natural springs and spas. Unfortunately, the main place with all of the natural pools outside was closed for renovations, but we did get to check out another bathouse in Hepburn Springs (right beside Daylesford). We spent the morning here swimming in their bath pools and getting a massage, it was a great way to start the day, especially since it was raining outside. And by the time we finished inside, the...

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Trip Journal

Engagement honeymoon

Jun 6, 2011 - Brrrrrrrrr

Hey, The long awaited girly weekend has finished. We had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Possum Cottage was perfect, warm and cosy. There was lots of chat and laughter, sitting around in pj's and eating. Barry joined us for dinner in the Farmer's Arms on Friday night, where we sat at the communal table and met some interesting people. There was some horseriding, a walk around the lake and a great deal of staying warm. When Barry picked me up yesterday afternoon we headed for Clunes. Only problem was that the map was not clear so we got lost a...

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Jun 1, 2011 - Day 1

Hello from the tired travellers! We had a relaxed day yesterday with a lovely send off from Rachel, Lacie, Chloe and Max. We stopped at Ross for a quick lunch, then stopped at Ashgrove to collect our cheese supplies. We made it to Latrobe just in time to find some new games for the van. Did not have to wait too long to board the ferry as it was not very busy last night. The crossing was very smooth and apart from my coughing keeping us awake at times we did not have too bad a sleep. The tomtom was fired up and raring to go when we left the...

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