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Apr 6, 2015 - Max'n'Me Day 7 - Buchan cave

Easter Monday... we would have expected that all shops and stores would be closed today. But when we arrived in Lake Entrance it seemed to be a day like every other: The cafes and boutiques were open and so we enjoyed a nice breakfast at a bakery. I had a 'Big Breakfast' – consisting of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and TWO sausages as if one wouldn't have been enough. Well that's what I call an 'immediate heart attack meal'! Max only had a small date role (the only way how he gets a date ;-) ) I survived the breakfast and we...

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Feb 7, 2009 - Caves

Last night before we went to bed we ran into a group at dinner. Two of the ladies chatted with us for awhile. Then another group joined us and shared their fresh crab catch of the day. It was great. This morning we joined a couple of ladies for coffee and then left for the Buchan Caves.. Then South down to Bairnsdale. Over the horizon we could see a large fire that was burning in the hills. The clouds of smoke were blocking our the sun and took over 3/4 of the sky. The fire trucks were blasting all over town to head to the fires. We...

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Nov 30, 2007 - The Barry Way - Road on the Snowy river

This is what I was waiting for. A road on the map hardly noticed, but yet crosses the state along the Snowy River. I am not riding a horse in the wild driving catle from one point of the state to another. But, I sure feel like a cowboy today. The Barry way is a dirt/gravel road running along the Snowy river from Jindabine to Buchan in victoria. I have left Kozi behind with sweet memories of the family ski vacations. Had coffee in Thredbo at the same old coffee shop I used to visit during our ski vacation. But today is not about ski. It's...

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