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Oct 22, 2017 - Still at Apollo Bay

Some observations re the Fish and Chips. I have noticed that in the non touristy areas of the GOR like Portland the batter is the normal stuff you find in most fast food places then as you move east into the tourist areas the batter changes to cater for the more discerning tastes of the plethora of Asian Tourists and becomes more of a tempura style, light and crispy which I actually prefer now that I'm used to it. Today we thought we would take luncheon at the Cape Otway lighthouse. So off we set only to be stuck behind some “tourists”...

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Oct 21, 2017 - A day in the Otways

For some reason I think the Otway Ranges get plenty of rain. Moss hanging off the trees, lots of tree ferns and greenery. The road from Apollo Bay to Forrest is suitable for clockwork cars, its very windy with lots of hairpin bends. On our eventual arrival at Forrest we made a beeline for the brewery where it is reputed many fines ales are hand crafted and I can say with certainty they are and tastings are free. I bought a couple of 4 packs equivalent to 2 litres as the are ½ litre bottles. They had sold out of their seasonal beers but I...

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Oct 21, 2017 - Apollo Bay

So we are in Apollo Bay for 3 nights... Very clean and tidy caravan park that was sposed to be near the shops but its not. I had forgotten just how windy and hilly the road was from Peterborough to here but I cranked up the van brake power before departing just on the off chance and it turned out I needed it... Signs every where advising that we drive on the left but the signs should be written in German and Chinese as we discovered to our terror today when on 2 occasions the car in front just stopped in the middle of the road and after...

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Dec 1, 2016 - Day 9 Rest Day Apollo Bay

Slept in which was a wonderful change from a 4:30 alarm each day! A lovely rest day at the house. Made scrambled eggs for breakfast and everyone cleaned their bikes. Dave E went for a ride to the Otway national park. Various people wandered off. Gaylene, Sandy, Ian R and i headed into town late afternoon to check out a craft fair and the local shops. Had a wonderful ice-cream (lemon curd and strawberry ricotta cheese ) and disappointed I couldn't have the Vegemite flavour. Not GF!! BBQ for dinner at the house, with Geoff cooking and Dave...

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Nov 30, 2016 - Day 8 12 Apostles to Apollo Bay

Overview An amazing day of riding. Definitely the toughest of the ride. Rode to the marshalling position with Geoff. Fairly stressfree position. Police assisted where necessary. Left the position and immediately started the climb of more or less 23km. By the time I was at the lunch spot I really needed a break. Included some gravel road in the climb. Challenging with many riders walking. Geoff and I had lunch together then prepared for the 2nd lot of climbing. I pulled away after awhile and rode alone until I came across David L. He was...

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Apr 2, 2015 - Max'n'Me Day 3 - Great Ocean Road

Alrighty Maties, After some involuntary showers for our tent at the night and some minor leakage through the bottom of the tent, we left our beloved bush camp, and headed straight south towards the Great Ocean Road. After nearly fainting upon seeing the forsaken mountain again, which Max dragged me up upon yesterday, nothing stood between us and the ocean....except some suicidal kangeroos which I, with my super-human reflexes managed to dodge after they ambushed us, jumping in front of our Commodore. Late breakfast in Port Fairy, with a...

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Feb 13, 2015 - Apollo Bay

If you look hard in this photo, the bumps on top of the rocks are seals. At Apollo Bay, the seal colony is about 300mt behind the caravan park. Plenty of squid at the wharf and parrot fish off the rocks Hi family, We are at Apollo Bay, arrived yesterday.Didn't get the site we wanted but it's still good. We saw a seal on the rocks when exploring, we got close enough to make good eye contact with him. It's raining today, but we don't care. It will not rain forever. We will pick more blackberries while we are here, they are in all gullies and...

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Sep 5, 2014 - Mait's rest

Suddenly the great ocean road cuts through impressive hilly rainforest. Really tall trees, and the valleys are full of massive tree ferns that tower over the troopy. I pulled over and went on the "Mait's Rest" walk trail. It's named after a bloke called maitland, who used to rest his horse there on his way somewhere else. The photos speak for themselves

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Sep 4, 2014 - Great ocean road

The first part of the Grt O Rd was how I expected it- very windy road along the edges of cliffs, lots of millionaire houses and some good lookouts. Unfortunately it was really cloudy in the morning so the early photos aren't the best. Then I started to think I had taken a wrong turn somewhere, because suddenly I was I rainforest and couldn't see the ocean anymore.

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Feb 16, 2014 - Neighbours to the Great Ocean Road

It's hard to believe that next year will be 30 years since Neighbours first aired in Australia. It's popularity is still strong in the UK and I decided that after failing to do the tour last time I was in Melbourne this trip I would definitely make the effort and get myself booked onto it - turned out that I was bought the tour as a Christmas gift and so on my second day in Melbourne I'm boarding the bus to head towards Pinoak court - the real Ramsay Street. Natalie our tour guide is great, lots of old episodes of neighbours to watch on the...

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Nov 16, 2013 - Koalas, Koalas, and more Koalas!

This morning we slept in later than usual and finally around 9:30 backtracked on the Great Ocean Road to Cape Otway National Park and the Cape Otway Lighthouse. We spotted several Koalas near the road on the way to the lighthouse, some with joeys. At the lighthouse we took a hike along the Great Ocean Walk to the lighthouse cemetery, of course, birding when possible. Birding when possible turned out to be seldom as the trail was narrow and the scrub well above our heads allowing little chance to see the many birds calling from near the...

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Nov 15, 2013 - Packing five days of tourist activity into one

Walked downtown Warrnambool for breakfast followed by haircuts (no waiting at all) for both of us. We then returned to the wetlands trails we had visited before dinner yesterday. Lots and lots of birds; Purple Swamphens running around everywhere and Superb Fairy-wrens everywhere! We enjoyed a beautiful Chestnut Teal pair. A little after eleven, we decided we'd better get going to leave sufficient time for all the viewpoints we would pass on The Great Ocean Road today. We stopped at at least seven scenic viewpoints, many of which had a few...

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