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Apr 2, 2018 - Bruny Island

Today was a free day on our tour with an optional trip to Port Townsend to see the largest remains of a convict colony. This is an important part of Tasmania’s history, but also a bummer. We’ve seen great photographs of the Bruny Island coastline, so we struck out on our own and took a boat tour. The island is 30 miles south of Hobart. A major part of it is national park without road access. The rest of the island is full of holiday homes and we even saw a campground. Another reason tourists come to Bruny is a gourmet food drive. You can...

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Feb 13, 2013 - Days 20-26-UPDATE NOTES -St Clair, Russell Falls, Bruny Island.

Hi All, Back on the road again after 4 nights at Strahan and we aimed for the Lake St Clair part of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park and it was there that things started to unravel. Whist being a National Park it was being run by contractors who were obviously starting to cut corners. It was just not nice being there and although we were booked for 2 nights there was no way were we staying there a second night. Being a long weekend we could not move forward to our next destination as they had stuffed up our booking so we just...

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Jan 8, 2013 - Bruny Island

Day 45, Week 7. Yesterday and today we have been doing the tourist thing around Bruny Island. This place is definitely worth coming to, yesterday we drove all over the south island (Bruny is made up of the North & South islands which are joined by a narrow neck)and checked out the other free camps on the island. We are at "The Neck" camp ground which we believed is the better of the free camps on the islands. The first night we were here the park was very full, last night a few had left and today a few more have left, so there is a bit of...

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Jan 6, 2013 - Bicheno to Bruny Island (via Hobart)

Today we left Bichino via the Tasman Hwy towards Hobart. We travelled through some of the areas that have been affected by the fires. There was a lot of smoke around but we had been assured that the Highway was open all the way to Hobart. We went through Sorell which had a lot of activity around the Community Hall with obviously a lot of Fesa, Police & Ambulance people around as this town is one of the main centres for the people who have lost everything. The Arthur Highway from Sorell to Port Arthur has been closed, so it looks like we may...

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Dec 13, 2012 - Day On South Bruny Island

We slept in and had a leisurely breakfast at our cottage. The day was spent all over South Bruny Island, looking for the one endemic that we had missed the day before, and the Pink Robin, a left-over from our time in Melbourne. While we were out, we ran into Claire, who had been with us in Deniliquin. With her were Jeremy and Russell, two friends from the Brisbane area. All five of us looked for the Pink Robin for about an hour, but we weren't successful. We did have numerous looks at Flame Robin, a very handsome bird, but the wrong one....

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Dec 12, 2012 - Full Day and Night Birding Tour at Inala

Today was a full day birding with Tonia around Bruny Island. It also included a night tour. Our day started at 8:00 am, with a walk around the Inala property. Our goal for the day was the 12 endemic birds of Tasmania. One of the hardest birds to find is the Forty-spotted Pardalote, as they are a very rare bird. Tonia took us to a Forty-spotted Pardalote feeding chicks on the nest! (The light was not the best for taking pictures, so the clearest one was posted.) The rest of the day was spent around South Bruny Island. We took a break around...

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Dec 11, 2012 - Fly to Tasmania

We caught an 11:25pm flight out of Perth. Mabel had two hours sleep and Bill had one, as he had to watch Men in Black III. We arrived in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania around 8:30 am, after our connection in Melbourne. From Hobart, we drove down to Kettering and caught the car ferry to Bruny Island. We drove about 40 km to our, next destination, Inala, on South Bruny Island. Inala has cottage-style lodging, on a 500 acre private nature reserve. Inala is also a haven for native flora and fauna. Over 90 species of birds (including all 12 of...

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Feb 27, 2011 - Bruny Island

nein, nicht benannt nach der frau sarkozy's, sondern nach dem frz. seefahrer d'entrecasteaux, genossen wir 2 tage auf dem schroffen und landschaftlich vielfaeltigen inselchen, pinguine, echidnas, wallabies, endlose, pulverweisse sandstraemnde, rgenwaelder, beerenfarmen, nette cafes, tolle wanderwege, einsame buchten, und all das hat man fast fuer sich alleine, Tasmanien wir lieben dich.

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Feb 6, 2011 - Bruny Island

Well for a day that started off on a bit of a sour note it turned into another really lovely day. I was searching through the internet on Thursday checking out tours for Mum’s visit when I noticed a special offer on a trip up to Wineglass Bay. I have been hankering to get up there to have a look as it is renowned for its beauty but as it is also a bit of a drive we hadn’t yet managed it. When I saw the deal being offered on the tour we decided it would be a great opportunity to get up there without having to do the driving. I had a...

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Dec 30, 2010 - Queenstown

We decided to go for a drive into Queenstown today to have a look at the town and the notorious road heading out. I have to admit we were quite surprised by Queenstown - not at all what we expected. there is one main street dominated by a mountain and it has a very tired feel about it - it is a mining town so maybe that was it. I remember Mt Isa in Qld having a very similar feel. We had a bit of a wander around and did discover a fabulous staircase in one of the hotels - a real work of art - especially given the era in which it was built....

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Oct 25, 2010 - Bruny Island

bruny island...home to the cheese and bread farm, lots of vinyards, the berry farm, the fudge farm and lots of fantastic scenery...def worth a daytrip! ...and nearly my last one...as my manic driver friend from brunei just went into a curve on an unpaved road with 60km/h...that bitch...excuse my english, but that gave me a massive fright and i was happy to go seperate ways again the next day!

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