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May 11, 2017 - The Falls - day to Warwick

Thurs 11th May While the family are at work and school today we went in to Warwick to catch up with old PYC friends David and Diane (they may take exception to my use of the word “old” depending on how you interpret it’s use). Had lunch with them both and were still sitting around the table up to 4:30 when we left after yet another cuppa to head back to The Head for tea and the night. On the way we stopped off at Daggs Falls for a look. No walk required as the falls can be seen from the road up to Queen Marys Falls. The weather was chilly...

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Oct 11, 2016 - Day 119 UPDATE NOTES

Hi All, Now heading home, it’s hard to stop after a long trip away. Bourke is Bourke and had a bad reputation but it has been cleaned up with a huge reduction in indigenous issues and a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their homes. Just one day there then on to Moree for a night and fuel plus give the front of the car a good high pressure wash to remove a host of suicidal bugs, butterflys etc. that we seemed to have gained. Moree to Warwick had us back in Queensland after we have traveled in 4 states and 1 territory and the...

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Oct 29, 2015 - Warwick

Thursday 29th to Warwick. 51ks 3:05 ride time. Av 16.5kph ODO 670 Nickie woke at 5 am again..those galahs make a racket !! and there was a smaller bird repeatedly whistling a descending C major scale but only 7 notes… Nickie had to try to tune it out…lots of Rosellas and swallows. Amazing no bugs or flies as we are camped on the showgrounds with horse/livestock shelters close by. Tent packed by 6, luckily- as light rain fell at breakfast and temp dropped to a cool 15C with wind. We had boiled up 6 eggs for our lunch and used them as...

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Nov 11, 2014 - Warwick and Daveen

Hello all, At about 5am today Baby Girl threw up. Luckily her retching woke me and I was able to push her to the side of the bed thus minimising the damage, but it went down the side along the sheet and onto the floor. So I had to get up, strip both sheets, put the soiled areas into a bucket of napisan, then clean up the floor. Back to bed. Five minutes later, more retching, but she was on the floor so I managed to get to her in time to direct it into her supper dish, although there wasn't much there. So we left Maryvale at about 7.30 am...

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Dec 6, 2012 - On the road to Qld

Reasonably early start as we headed for the border, through the bustling town of Moree and a number of smaller little localities mainly dominated by grain silos. There certainly is plenty of agriculture (wheat, crops, cattle etc) in this country. In fact most of the towns we have come across in the last few days are really a lot larger than we had thought. From Moree we headed the hour or so to the Qld border and Goondiwindi (through Boggabilla - poor town) where we stopped for lunch in a park and refueled (cheap diesel). It was then a good...

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Jun 3, 2008 - Crisps Coach

9:15 train to Brisbane, met Brian for a coffee before getting the 10:45 Crisps Travel Coach to Warwick. Jon met me on arrival and we went to Pats, had lunch then off for a walk around town through the park abundant with blue and red flowers and back up the sandstone buildings of the high street, back to pats for a chat until louis came to take us both to their house 7-8 Min's out of town. Megan and her two girls were there too for dinner. After dinner pat went home and i stayed looked at photos of jon and louis holiday before bed. Megan...

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Gems Wanderings 2008

Apr 22, 2008 - April 22nd part 2, Lake Leslie

April 22nd.. Part 2...left Goondiwindi heading east towards Warwick where we've picked a camp spot in our camping bible at a place called Washpool camping reserve. I was hoping the roads might improve up here after what we've been on over the past 2 or 3 days in NSW. How wrong you can be. The Cunningham Hwy...an atrociously rough bit of bitumen, made worse by the big semis flogging along at their 100+kph. Thankfully it did improve about 80kms out of Warwick. Arrived at our destination 18kms out of Warwick...a real pleasant surprise....very...

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