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Feb 18, 2018 - Thursday Island Australia

History: just off The northernmost tip of Australia’s Cape York in the Torres Strait, picturesque Thursday Island was once home to a thriving pearl fishing industry. Many island residents still today live by a no-footwear policy out of respect for the spirts believed to live on the island.

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Aug 11, 2016 - Horn Island, Thursday Island

We have now travelled 1,000 km north of Cairns. We arrived at Horn Island quite early & were taken off the ship straight after breakfast for a tour of the island. An absolute dynamo of a woman, called Vanessa Seekee, has done a huge amount of research on the role of Horn Island during WW2. She’s written a book called “In Their Steps – Horn Island WW2”, has initiated all kinds of conservation projects to preserve the sites, has interviewed hundreds of veterans & with the help of her husband’s family, has built an amazing museum. Horn Island...

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Aug 18, 2011 - Thursday Island

Went across to Thursday Island today by ferry its 11/2 hr drive, its bigger that what i thought and very busy for a small island they have more there than they have in this town on the main land. The reason is because all the Government jobs are base there eg customs, fisheries,quarantine etc and because they are their the housing is so expensive (a small 2 bedroom house cost $750,000 and to rent its over $1000 per week so the government has the market tied up but most of the workers are from the main land,i pity the locals how do they...

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Gormans Getaway

Mar 2, 2011 - Wednesday on Thursday Island, Australia

After spending a day cruising the Coral Sea, we enter the Torres Strait, the body of water between Australia and Papua New Guinea where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet. There are 133 islands in this area, with 38 of them inhabited. The 25,000 people who live on these islands are known as Torres Strait Islanders. They are Melanesian, not Aborigines, and are related to their neighbor Papua New Guinea even though they are part of Australia. The language is English with a mix of Creole. This is prawn fishing and pearl diving country with the...

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Mar 2, 2011 - Thursday Island, Australia

This update will be fairly short--Cheryl and I were only on land for a few hours--all of which was spent in the "Northern Most Pub in Australia"! The beer was cold and the natives friendly--a very nice calm way to spend an afternoon on a beautiful Island. The water surrounding this Island reminded us of the water color in the South Pacific..absolutely beautiful shades of blue and green! Thursday Island was a major pearl producing area which earned it the name "Port of Pearls'. It was even a stratigic defense point during World War II. It...

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