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Apr 18, 2016 - Sapphire

Drove down to'Big Bessie' fossicking field and had a walk and dig around the fossicking area, but well picked over and an almost impossible task without the right equipment. Also a bit of a drive to try and find another fossicking area-didn't find it but lots of fossickers humpies in the bush. After lunch we drove up to Heritage mine near Rubyvale . We decided to screen another bucket of wash rather than go down the mine. Process requires tipping some of the bucket into a sieve, shaking off the first layer of dirt, picking off some of the...

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Apr 17, 2016 - Sapphire

Walked to Sapphire's Sunday market and bought egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast and some fruit and vegetables. Lots of stores selling sapphires and pieces of jewellery, but nothing that I liked. After morning tea we drove upto a place called Armfest where they sold you a bucket of stones and showed you how to sieve and wash the stones before sorting them to pick out (hopefully!) the sapphires. Ian and I both managed to find a few bits and the owner the sorted them into packs of 'cutters' (stones that would cut nicely into stones for a...

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Apr 16, 2016 - Emerald to Sapphire

Left Emerald at about 10.30 for drive of about 40 ks up the road to Sapphire. Have set up camp at free camp at Sapphire. Have had short walk to work out where everything is and drive into Rubyvale (about 6ks away). We cross the Tropic of Capricorn between the two towns. Lots of miners humpies, mullock heaps, etc around. Very definitely getting off the beaten track here!

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May 30, 2013 - Around And About The Gemfields

30th May, 2013 (Thursday) The weather out here is right up my alley. Cool nights and lovely balmy days, that’s when it’s not raining of course and we haven’t really had all that much rain in the entire trip so far. We decided to take the run into Emerald today. It’s only 50ks each way. Emerald sure has expanded in the last three years it really is the hub of the gem fields now and the prices in the cafes reflect it too. Two toasted ham, cheese and tomato sangas and a hot chocolate each, that will be $32.70 thank you very much. Needless to...

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May 30, 2013 - Sapphire/Rubyvale

31st May Have had 3 nights in Sapphire. Staying at the Veterans Retreat. A nice park with lovely hosts. Thursday night we enjoyed happy hour. Drinks were $3 and a plate of hot food put on each table. Happy hour was 3-8. Very enjoyable night with lots of friendly people. Sapphire and Rubyvale are 6km apart. Sapphire is 10km in from the Capricorn Highway. There is lots to do in the region besides fossicking, with Emerald about half and hour away and Lake Maraboon- with its great fishing within easy driving distance. Mining started back in...

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May 29, 2013 - Barcaldine To Sapphire

28th May 2013 Last night we had the Camp Oven Dinner at the Caravan Park. Beef stew on toast with mashed potato followed by Dumplings in Golden Syrup with cream AND ice cream. There were about 20 people there and I think the general consensus was that it was scrumptious. I loved the potatoes but Rob was the beneficiary of most of the meat in my stew. I don’t eat meat much. On the way out of Barcaldine we called into the chemist to get Rob sine Claratyne. Erin is very good at sharing and now Rob has the “flu” well a cold anyway. Our next...

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Jun 9, 2011 - Aus - Day 37 - Still Hunting

We set the alarm for an early wake up call to get a good heads start on fossicking before we needed to take the gear back. Cold, gloomy grey with drizzling rain. No sun to help us out spotting our gems as we fossicked. However Jason continued to dig all morning, sieving away dumping out the rocks and us combing through for sapphires. The entire morning went by so fast however we did find some very nice gems. When it was time to go I gave the "payload" to Jason to carry so I would not spill the container and loose our morning finds. As I'm...

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Jun 8, 2011 - Aus - Day 36 - River bank fossicking

Guess who woke us up this morning by walking on top of the van, actually running back and forth....yep Frank and he brought his friend with him. So of course we had to supply them with some peanuts. Frank's friend caught the peanut in mid air showing off his stuff. We left Graves Hill and drove into town to the local Sapphire general store. We rented a shovel, pick and two sieves for the day. We drove down to the river and carried our supplies down to the rock bed near the stream. There were a few claims already made to some of the trees...

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Jun 7, 2011 - Aus - Day 35 - Graves Hill

This morning we decided to go specking again rather than sieving by the river so we drove into Graves Hill designated fossicking park. You take a winding gravel road past hard core locals who call their little shanties home into the park. We called a little patch a ways off the beaten track home for the day. Hot weather with little to no wind to help keep you cool. We got on all fours and started our treasure hunt. I had a bird land right beside me and follow me for a while. It was freaking me out a bit, Jason of course was laughing his...

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Jun 6, 2011 - Aus - Day 34 - Gems

Sapphire - Fossicking Day! As you start to drive around Sapphire you notice all the little hills (mounds of dirt) that make up the landscape. Scars left over from the large scale machinery fossicking days that had taken place years before. Wild horses and free range cattle roam the streets looking like they know where they are heading. Lorikeets and large white parakeets are found everywhere in large groups in the nearby trees. No matter how many times I see them I‘m still in awe of their beauty. The town of Sapphire itself is very small,...

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Jun 6, 2011 - Sapphire gem and town history

Sapphire gem and town history: The sapphire gemfields cover almost 900 square kilometers of one of the world's most significant sapphire bearing grounds. The townships of Rubyvale and Sapphire are surrounded by the 11,000 acre Miner's Common, an area gazetted at the turn of the last century as a place for miners to graze their cattle and horses. It is the only miner's common left in Queensland. Sapphire (town) has been mined since the late 1800's, the landscape is as much a part of the lifeblood of Sapphire as the rich treasures of the...

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Aug 26, 2009 - Sapphire

I took a little 350k detour inland from the coast, at least in this part of the world thats a small detour. My detour took me to a small mining town called Sapphire which, not surprisingly, is famous for the mining of sapphires. Now for a small but nevertheless interesting little fact, sapphires are blue, right? Well yes they are, and other colours as well such as green, yellow aand pink. Apparently blue became the most well known colour because Thai gem buyers bought a lot of the early sapphires and only wanted the blue ones, which they...

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