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Oct 3, 2017 - Watch for fins!

Started our trek to magnetic island today with a stop in Caldwell. Small little town known for its crab. Grabbed a yellow red bull... first colored/flavored can I've see since I've gotten to Australia. MagneticIsland Took the ferry over to the island, took about 20 minutes. Such a nice island. Only 2 roads on it. We quickly checked into our rooms and went down to eat before going on another hike! This one wasn't bad at all... saw a few koalas along the way. One even had a baby. Walked up to the top of the fort here. The fort was built back...

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Aug 28, 2015 - Day 62 - 71 / Townsville

We are leaving the free camping for a bit this morning and hitting the big smoke - Townsville. On our way here this morning we wanted to go to Jaycar or Battery World to get our caravan battery checked. It has not been lasting as well as we feel it should be considering the size of our solar panel. Last night we deliberately didn't use any lights before the Broncos game started to ensure we had as much power as possible to last the game (for the TV) and it still ran out 10 mins before full time - and they score two more tries in that time!...

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Aug 3, 2011 - Last day on the island!

Last day on the island! we went for a trip to picnic bay - me and kelsey went snorkelling out to the wreck - the viz was really bad but still a really cool wreck to snorkel on - we saw the residential ray as i now like to call him! it was then sunbathing on the beach before heading back and eating all our remaining food! it was then the dreadful packing.... next it was onto arcadia for some dinner and toad racing! toad racing was hilarious - got a bit excited on the bidding for toads but never quite got one hehe. they were all placed in a...

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Aug 2, 2011 - BBQ day!

BBQ day today! Had a donder to nellybay to post some postcards and use the internet - it was then back to the house for the BBQ! We booked our diving and white water rafting in cairns too! after lots of good food and beer and wine me and tracey decided to go for swim under the stars!! We even saw some shooting stars! Pete and kelsey are lame!! hehe.

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Jul 31, 2011 - July 31st and August 1st

Sunday 31st July We walked into nelly bay today and got our greyhound bus all booked up and our hostel in cairns. We then caught the bus to the forts walk – was a great walk round and up a hill which had the remains of a WW2 fort – we also aw two koalas in the wild! So cute! We also met a very friendly butterfly who didnt want to leav my flowery sunglasses! Saw some spectacular iews from the top of the fort – we also spied out a potential snorkelling site. We then walked down to horseshoe bay where we were going to do some tubing but the...

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Jul 30, 2011 - koala sanctuary!

Awesome day today! we all walked into nelly bay to book out flights from sydeny to melbourne and our hotel in brisbane after dropping the campervan off. we then caught thr bus to bungalow bay koala sanctuary. first of all we got introduced to some turtles and got to stroke kelly! i then embarrassed myself an felt a little feint! it soon passes though - pete now knows how t get free coke and water - pass out! we then went to see the birds - we got to hold a black bird and feed it sunflower seeds by putting one inbetween our lips and he would...

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Jul 29, 2011 - tracey and kelsey arrive!

Tracey and kelsey have arrived! woohoo! we just had a normal day walking into nelly bay where i discovered i had been paid!! so i treated the group to a crate of beer and some snacks. we went to meet the two renegades off the bus at 9.45 - was the first time we had been out at night and the stars are gorgeous! we then had a good catching up session over wine, beer and snacks and planned the rest of our stay on the island!

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Jul 28, 2011 - Horseshoe bay

today we did the 10km walk to horseshoe bay on the other side of the island! was quite a hike! and very hilly! we stopped in alma bay for a little breather - a gorgeous little bay. then we walked through the rainforest covered hills to ind horseshoe bay eventually!! its a huge bay with load of boats moored in it. we stopped and had our lunch in th shade - u can get tube rides for 4 people around the bay for 15 dollars each so we may have to g back and have a go with kelsey and tracey! we wer both quite tired and coudnt quite face the...

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Jul 26, 2011 - 26th and 27th

tuesday 26th - 2 weeks away!! cant believe it! headed up to nelly bay to update the journal and to hear back from tracey and kelsey - we then did another weeklyshop-hehe our mass noodlebuying got a few jokes at the check out! was then home for a late lunch and a walk on th beach. we were going to go for a snorkel but for once it was a bit breezy and choppy! wednesday 27th - another lay day on the beach today! went for a wee snorkel but i think the waves from yesterday have messed up the visibility on the wrck but we had a fun swim around nywy!

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Jul 25, 2011 - Hawkings Point

hello! today we went for a walk up to hawkings point which is a beautiful view point just at the top of the hill between picnic bay and nelly bay. so we got lots of good photos! we then went back down to the beach for some lunch before heading to to the post office again to get in touch with everybody! heard from sigrid in norway and they are all ok - but a bit shocked as her brother was meant to be at that camp but coudt as he had work - but still such a relief to hear from her. kelsey and tracey are arriving on friday! so thats going to...

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Jul 22, 2011 - our magentic adventures 22nd - 24th July

since ive been away from the internet ive been writing the entries inmy wee travel diary so i dont forget to tel you all anything! friday 22nd july - when i finally managed to drag pete out of bed we wlked to nelly bay s wecould use up some more internet time and try and gget a few things sorted. we then walked back for some lunch before grabbing ur wetsuits and snorkels and headed over the hill to the beginning of nelly bay to do some snorkelling on the fringing reef - we had a great time! saw lots of fish and a crazy big black spikey...

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Jul 21, 2011 - Petes first snorkelling experience!

Brilliant day today! we took the 4 km hike from picnic bay to nelly bay and had some fantastic views - we also got stopped by a wedding planner on the island hehe -dont worry tho! we then hooked up to the post office wifi spot so we could keep in touch with all you lovely folks! after a wee look around nelly bay and our peanut btter and jam sandwiches we then did sopping at the big supermarket - still quite expensive! as you can imagine pete is a little bit annoyed at being 'ripped off' by australia hehe. hebought a maskand snorkel today -...

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