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Feb 16, 2018 - Cairns, Great Barrier Reef

Hot and bright sunshine today for going to the Great Barrier Reef. The cruise dock in Cairns (pronounced Cans) is in a very nice waterfront area, next to the CBD (downtown) and casino. Another ship, Artiana, is parked behind us. The announcements from the Artiana sounded German as we walked by. The marina for our excursion boat is about ¾ mile down the waterfront. Its already 85 with 80% humidity. Good thing we are wearing our bathing suits as we are already dripping sweat walking to the boat. The boat is a 3 level Catamaran, similar to...

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Feb 16, 2018 - Cairns Australia

History: Queensland”s seaside resort town, Cairns, pronounced Cans is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef,stretching 1,400 miles can’t describe the beauty. Interesting beaches lined with red boxes that house VINAGAR for relief from jellyfish stings and signs that warn of crocodile attacks, yep and the sharks are all around you. We swam in the ships pool.

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Nov 25, 2017 - Australia

Good day mate! Well we have done a lot of travelling since my last update. We were in Christchurch where we spent 2 nights. While we were there we went on an Alpine Safari which took us by 6 wheel drive up to some farm in the hills where we seen some beautiful scenery not to mention lots of sheep. After that we toured part of the Wiamak Gorge where we boarded a jet boat and headed down the Waimakariri River. There they fed us lunch and then our guide took us to Arthurs Pass where we took the TranzAlpine train back to Christchurch. The next...

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Oct 27, 2017 - Cairns

Cairns First discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 who named Trinity Bay as it was Trinity Sunday when he anchored here. Gold was discovered in 1876 that led to the large settlement called Cairns. The city is a very modern city with a small town feel. There are many outdoor activities centered around the 2,000 mile long Great Barrier Reef, The Barron Gorge National Park and the usual Crocodile Wildlife Park. Since I had been here in 1994 for a week and been out to the reef and white water rafting and we only had one day to visit we chose the...

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gerviv in Oz

Oct 17, 2017 - Travel from Townsville back to Cairns

October 17, 2017-Today was a travel day—we drove from Townsville back to Cairns and turned in our RVs. We took a bus back to the same Cairns hotel. Susan and I wandered over to the mall again, then walked back down the streets to dinner. The most interesting thing to day from my perspective was the Indian food restaurant we ate at for dinner. For entertainment they had some videos running of Indian pop stars giving concerts. But these were very free form events—the pop star would be performing on a stage where concert goers and friends of...

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Oct 7, 2017 - In the RV in Cairns

October 7, 2017- First night in the RV. It took a little getting used to the small bed that we are sharing compared to the king size beds we had been enjoying before. The accomodations are kinda tight, but the RV is efficient and offers pretty much all we need for comfortable RV living. We have a hot pot that boils water, a microwave and a toaster. This morning our group was taking a walk to the Botanical Gardens. This was about 1.5 kilometers from the campground. We enjoyed nice sunny weather while we walked around botanical displays and...

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Oct 6, 2017 - Moving into the RVs

October 6, 2017- Today it was all about getting and equipping the RVs. A bus picked us picked us up and took us to the RV rental facility. It took most of the morning to get the rental doen aned a checkout of the RV. We found one tire on our unit that looked pretty bad, so the RV place replaced the tire. This put us behind the rest of the group too. But we finally got our stuff into the RV, got all the background info on how to operate it, and left the rental facility around noon. Now we had to provision the RV. We stopped at an IGA...

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Oct 5, 2017 - Diving again

October 5, 2017-The first event on the tour was an Ocean Quest reef trip to Michaelmas Cay. I had tried to pre-arrange some diving on this trip, but couldn’t get any confirmation that it would be allowed. So when we got on the boat I immediately talked with the diving people and learned that as a certified diver I could get 2 dives in on the reefs around the Cay. The cost was substantially less than what I had paid for our own. The dives were guided by our dive guide Tom. I paired up with an Aussie as my dive buddy, and the dives went quite...

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Oct 4, 2017 - Beginning the Adventure Caravan experience

October 4, 2017-Today we start our Adventure Caravans trip with a meeting with Bert and Shari, our wagonmasters, at breakfast. Adventure Caravans does the work of arranging for the RVs, planning the itinerary, obtaining the reservations at the RV parks and venues that we visit, and generally take responsibility for the trip. We have been on 3 other caravans by Adventure Caravans, and we have liked each one. Bert and Shari have done this caravan before in Australia and know a lot about the area. The advantage this offers is that we don’t...

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Oct 3, 2017 - Checking off a bucket list item--diving the Great Barrier Reef

October 3, 2017- Early morning meeting our boat for diving. The boat could hold 80-90, but we only had 30-40 on our trip. We went out about 1 ½ hours to Norman Reef on the Great Barrier Reef. My 40 year old PADI card was good to get me in. Our dive guide was efficient and helpful as he explained the dive and the gear we would use. The gear was good quality with dive computers. Turns out this trip, for many on the boat, was the beginning of a diving splurge as they would dive with us, then transfer to a liveaboard boat to continue diving on...

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Oct 2, 2017 - Great Barrier Reef

Oh my goodness! Today we check off another item on my bucket! Diving at the Great Barrier reef! I'm super stoked! Big catamaran... only 5 advanced divers so we stuck together - Sophie, Portia, myself, and 2 other random folks. Saw a sea turtle just chilling on the bottom, a white tipped reef shark casually strolling by, and a giant clam! Hopefully I got some great pics since we used those disposable underwater cameras. Second dive was mostly coral reef, with a few marine life. Even saw Dory! Came back to the boat, enjoyed a bit of...

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Oct 2, 2017 - Getting it all worked out and ready

October 2, 2017- This was a better day. Started out by going to get my Dive Medical. Cleared, although a previous punctured lung injury I had gave the guy some pause, but he walked me through possible complications and cleared me. Walked to the mall and got our travel phones equipped with Australia Sim cards. Did some more shopping and had lunch in the mall. Just in case, I looked again at the Hertz reservation and learned that there was ANOTHER Hertz location near the Esplanade (which was 3 blocks from our hotel) So we went there and...

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