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Oct 17, 2019 - Day 2 of The Ghan

Well good morning sunrise and what a beautiful looking day. We have been told it is only going to be 29 degrees in Alice today - thank goodness for that as there is no way I could put up with another 40 plus day - as all my skin melted off yesterday!! So off to breakfast whilst our room gets made up - once again the food did not disappoint. I had the chorizo dish - yum yum delish. The good thing is that the servings are not too big so you don't get overfull - like you do on a cruise. After breakfast we arrive in Alice Springs and get ready...

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Aug 15, 2018 - Alice Springs and surrounds

Alice Springs is flanked by the West and East Macdonnell Ranges and as you drive through they form a gateway into town. The Alice is a modern town with a pedestrianised mall and airconditioned shopping centres. This weekend is the Henley on Todd Annual Regatta in the dry Todd River near town and there is street entertainment as part of the festivities. There are also lots of lovely and expensive Aboriginal Art Galleries and tour companies and overseas tourists. Not too sure why some of the aborigines need to sit on the footpath, they seem...

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Aug 14, 2018 - Devil's Marbles, humbug and a large python

We visited the Devil's Marbles which are sacred rock formations to the local aborigines. They are massive granite rocks eroded into relatively round shapes, with some stacked on top of each other. Heading south from here we visited the Barrow Creek Inn. Here the old drovers tradition of signing a bank note and pinning it behind the bar continues, this is so that there would be money available for a drink on your next visit. The other dubious claim to fame is that this is the nearest pub to where Peter Falconio was abducted and killed in...

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Jul 2, 2018 - Back to Alice Springs

After exploring the parks of the Red Centre we retraced our route back to Alice Springs where we stayed for a few days regrouping and resting up before embarking on a 1500 mile trip to the east coast. In Alice we enjoyed visiting the Cultural Precinct which included an Aboriginal art museum that featured both traditional and contemporary art. We also visited the MacDonnell Range National Park which looks so much like Sedona.

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Jun 28, 2018 - Day 23. Alice Springs to Taylor’s Creek. 320 Ks.

Day 22. 320 Ks. After finding the leak under the van again I didn’t have a good nights sleep. I was clock watching all night thinking of how to fix the problem. Bunnings don’t sell the stuff we need. When I eventually got up I got onto a search engine and looked up all the caravan repairers in Alice Springs. Most of them don’t open on a Saturday. There was one listed at the Heritage caravan park not too far away. I hopped in the car and found it just off the Ross Hwy. The office was open which made for a good omen. Inside there was an...

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Jun 22, 2018 - Day 21. Alice Springs.

Day 21. We have arrived at our last day in Alice Springs. It has been a momentous week and we are really happy with all we have achieved in filling the gaps left from our previous visits. This morning we are cleaning and sorting the van out in preparation for departure tomorrow. Very boring really and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it! Later in the morning we went to the shopping centres and did some essential shopping. i went shopping Rosemary said it is essential. Just love wandering round Targets looking for things!!! Had a drop...

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Jun 21, 2018 - Day 20. Alice Springs. 101Ks.

Day 20. You know when you thought you had done all you wanted to but then another one pops up, well that happened today. We have been told about the Rainbow Valley and how pretty it is. So, we went off in search of said valley. Heading south on the Stuart Highway for about 75 Ks, almost to Stuart’s Well roadhouse, spot the road sign pointing to Rainbow Valley and turn left. It is an unmade road and 4WD is recommended. After letting some pressure out of the tyres we trundled off at a sedate pace the 24 Ks to the valley. We are lucky, it is a...

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Jun 20, 2018 - Day 19. Alice Springs. 160 Ks.

Day 19. Off to the East Macdonnell range today. We have been through here before but didn’t look at the gorges. First off was Emily Gorge. About 15Ks from town and close to the road. A very pretty Gorge, not large but with character. A dry River bed of coarse sand and the usual jagged rocks with varying colours but predominantly red. There are some rock paintings depicting the dream time story of three caterpillars. We didn’t take long to explore this Gorge and being quite early and the sun was still to get into it , the air was fairly...

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Jun 19, 2018 - Day 18. Alice Springs.

Day 18. The day began with a bit of a worry. Firstly I got up early to go to the supermarket to get some bread to make Sanger’s for lunch. When I returned I was informed that the water would flow out of the tap. All the fittings were fine and there was no problem to be seen. Then I realised what was going on. The lady on the checkout at Coles told me it was minus 5 degrees this morning. The line was frozen. Utter relief, I don’t need any more problems. After a while the water began to run and all was right with the world. Today we are...

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Jun 18, 2018 - Day 17.Alice Springs NT. 280 Ks.

Day 17. Another tick on the list of things to do. This one was Rosemary’s choice. Over the years we have heard so much about a place called Gemtree. Today we made the journey there. It is around 140 Ks from Alice Springs mainly on bitumen but some of it is developmental road. That means just a strip of bitumen down the centre with hard dirt shoulders for passing traffic coming in the opposite direction. Gemtree is not a town or village. It is a working property. It is in the heart of gem country reonowned for garnets and sapphires. Our plan...

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Jun 17, 2018 - Alice Springs to Palm Valley and back

We are on the road as planned, fill up with fuel, both of us with Coles fuel dockets courtesy of our grocery shop. Head down along Larapinta Drive out past the West MacDonnells. We stop at Hermannsburg Mission for a toilet break but as we have all been here before, continue to the turnoff to Palm Valley. It is only 22kms to the valley but we drive along the Finke River Valley and at times along the dry Finke River bed. The road is rough and at times it feels like we are doing a bit of rock hopping, the towbar bottoming more than a few...

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Jun 17, 2018 - The Road to Alice

We travelled 762 miles down the Stuart Highway from the town of Katherine to Alice Springs situated in the center of the Australian outback. It’s a narrow two lane road that sometimes seemed more like a single lane road. The traffic is light and mostly motorhomes, caravans, and the very long truck “trains”. About half way there is one town with a population of 3000 people. Other than that the main attractions are the roadhouses. A roadhouse will always have fuel and usually a few motel rooms, camping sites, restaurant and a convenience...

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