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Aug 7, 2004 - We made it to Sydney

We are now in Sydney and our grand plan for Oz hasn't quite worked. We arrived on the 3rd August and met up with Lucy and Sarah as planned and they had found a reaaly nice appartment for us all to stay in which was the same price as a hostel. No complaints from us on that score! We went to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday and it was so cold. We had to buy hats and gloves to keep us warm from the wind, snow, blizzards, hail, you get the picture! After leaving Hawaii with temperatures of 85, to arrive in Sydney where it was on in the low 60's it...

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Jul 16, 2004 - The wheels on the bus go round and round

When I was in Thailand, I complained about the heat and humidity. Waking up in a swag (big ozzie sleeping bag) in the desert, I would have given my right arm to swap the sub-zero temperatures for ten minutes of Bangkok sunshine! In saying that, the bus trip was amazing. Especially in the last few days, we all got close and had such fun and giggles. There was a constant flow of banter, laughter and snoozing. Some funny jokes too, including the classic 'What has two legs and bleeds?' (- 'half a dog' - thanks Mark). The trip was like a...

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Jul 12, 2004 - Departure....

Star date 182215JUL04 QF31 CATTLE CLASS SYD-LON-STOCKHOLM.......GIDDY UP Adventure officially started.....proceeding deep and quiet, growing goatie....... Notes to self: 1)Dont eat anything bigger than your head 2)Remember to think it and not say it.... 3)Its OK for dread-locks now... 4)Dont live in Co-ed dorms...that could be just plain silly

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Jun 27, 2004 - Blue Mountains, Sydney

Blue Mountains, near Sydney. We got the hell out of Melbourne, flew up to Sydney and got straight out of there too, heading for a few days of spiritually rewarding rock climbing. The Blueys have gorgeous sandstone crags similar to the ones we have at home in Kent, except they are the size of Belgium. It certainly wasn't raining in the Blueys but it was damned cold at 8deg with a windchill to freeze your blood. Nevertheless we valiantly climbed a few crags, ripped our fingers to shreds, and generally gave ourselves a good, healthy adrenaline...

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Jun 13, 2004 - arrived

everyone, well we've finally arrived in sydney, had a bit of trouble with fuel leaking out of the wing of our airplane at lax which caused a bit of a delay but we made it. introduced to the australian laid back attitude right away, as the captain said, "well folks we seem to have some gas leaking out of the plane, and we still need about 4 tons of gas onboard and seeing as how the gas is kind of crucial to the flight, we're going to be waiting around awhile, sorry, no worries though." it was actually kind of entertaining we have a few nice...

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Jun 12, 2004 - Sydney

Cairns has only 150 000 inhabitants, but very modern airport. When I am thinking about Slovakia capital airport, which has almost half milion inhabitants, I am really jeaulous, how nice Cairns airport is. Flight as usual was without any problems. As we were approaching Sydney I could see Bondi beach from the sky. We had a visit at Saturday, Rob and Willie, a most relaxed couple I ever saw. They are around 50, but much younger in spirit. We spend wonderful time together. Rob can talk wonderfull stories. He is over 50, but 3 years ago we went...

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May 22, 2004 - Sydney - day 1

We arrived to Sydney at early morning, I was hoping that we will fly over city and I will see some landmarks from the sky, but we did not. Landing was without any problem. I took my backpack and stand up in long queue for passport and visa check. After this, we went to customs, where police officer took my registration letter and ask me: "Hi mate, how are you? Is everything all right?" I don't know if I look shaky or what, but no officer ever called me "mate". I was stunned. But also customs check went ok, it was tougher than usual, even...

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Apr 20, 2004 - Return to OZ.

All good things must come to an end. Never has this phrase been more true as we packed our bags and caught the 3.30pm plane to Sydney. The flight was a bit delayed but we made up the time to get there on time. The plane and flight was good ruined only by the worse film Garry has seen in a long time (Paycheck). Once in Sydney we checked in to our hostel, which is nowhere near as good as the New Zealand ones, and went out for a bite to eat. Tomorrow we plan to start the job hunt!

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Mar 12, 2004 - Down under

LHR-FRA (Frankfurt), Lufthansa. The trip is off to a good start with a German beer then a good Riesling in the Lufthansa lounge among the German business men. No time for a curry wusrt in Frankfurt airport unfortunately - fortunate for my fellow passengers. FRA-BKK (Bangkok), Lufthansa. Watching "Master and Commander" I was struck by how much Paul Bettany reminds me of Patrick Malahide. A shower and a shave in Frankfurt airport livens me up for the next leg. BKK-SYD BA. Having a flat bed means I arrive fresh as a daisy in Sydney at 6:30am.

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Mar 10, 2004 - Don't Rain on My Parade

Mardi Gras "Go to Sydney", they said. "The weather's brilliant", they said. With these words ringing in our ears, we decided to finish our Australian adventure by overdosing on beaches and al fresco eating, topping up the tans and letting the good times roll, before flying home to the inevitable chill and post-Christmas depression of an English winter. So, you can imagine our downright indignance, when the sun refused to grace us with its presence for days on end. Then, to add insult to injury, fog, wind and rain arrived, reducing our...

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Mar 9, 2004 - Katoomba/Sydney

Got up, got ready, and checked email. Found out I got into my MBA program so am definitely excited. (More relieved than excited now but glad nonetheless.) Checked out of the hostel about 9:45 and trekked back up that interminable hill (I thought it was a long trip going down) to the train station with Phil. (Phil was at the end of his trip and was heading back to Sydney for his last couple of days.) Took the train to Sydney and arrived about 12:30. The hostel is right across the street from the train station (very handy) so I checked in,...

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Colin's World Tour

Mar 3, 2004 - BridgeClimb !

Not just the BridgeClimb but also wandering around The Rocks area of Sydney and then a tour inside the Sydney Opera House. Back to the BridgeClimb. This was definitely another highlight of our trip. We were both nervous before getting kitted out in the romper suits, hats, spectacle retainers and harnesses. They were very professional and gave you a lot of confidence. You even do a little bit of training prior to the start of the climb so that you know what you are doing. We both completed the climb without any problems, thoroughly enjoyed...

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