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May 14, 2017 - 14th May, 2017. Deniliquin. Mother's Day

14/5/2017. Mother's Day. Deniliquin Happy Mother's Day to all my lady friends. Today was a day of rest and relaxation for us - a beautiful, warm, sunny day and very peaceful here at the caravan park, with only the birds making a noise. There are lots of cockatoos and galahs, also some either big budgies or lorikeets. They are not friendly like the birds at Valla Beach, so can't really get close enough to see exactly what they are. There are also magpies, which are quite friendly, and are happy to chatter and sing outside the van. I did...

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May 13, 2017 - 13th May, 2017. Deniliquin

13/5/2017. Deniliquin Another mild night and beautiful day. We went to the local farmer's markets, but there was only about 6 stalls. Sandie phoned to tell me that Uncle Jim was in hospital with a broken ankle and toe. Apparently it happened some time during the week and he's in Prince Charles Hospital. Poor old love. And poor Sandie - it seems whenever we go away and she takes over the role of 'shopper' for Uncle Jim and Jimmy, something happens. Thank goodness that in all her busyness, she still makes time to be caring and generous. We...

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May 12, 2017 - 12th May, 2017. Deniliquin

12/5/2017. Deniliquin Sleep in this morning for Ian, but the birds woke me about 6.30am and that was it! But it was nice listening to the twittering - better than highway noise. After I'd done the washing, we were going into the Information Centre to find out the important things to do here. While Ian was tidying out the back of the 'truck', I wiped down and started cleaning inside the van. Lucky I did! It was then that I discovered that the toilet wasn't working as it should. Change of plans.......Ian checked with the office here, they...

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May 11, 2017 - 11th May 2017. Ardlethan to Deniliquin

11/5/2017. Ardlethan to Deniliquin Lovely quiet night and I didn't think it was so cold - Ian disagreed! We left about 9.30 and passed through the small town of Barellan, where there was a huge tennis racquet to honour Yvonne Goolagong. An early lunch at Darlington Point, then continued on to Jerilderie which is part of the Ned Kelly trail, and also houses the biggest windmill in Australia which, in 1910, was made for the property called 'Goolgumbula'. It was damaged in a storm, and donated to the Jerilderie Heritage Society. It was...

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Dec 2, 2012 - Philip Maher's Plains-Wanderer Weekend Continued

Since we got in so late, Philip gave us a break and we started at 7:30. We spent the morning at various wetlands and plains habitat. New birds included Australian Little Bittern, Black-faced Woodswallow and Cockatiel. In total, we saw 18 new bird species over the weekend. We were very happy, as we had thought we would only be looking for the Plains-wanderer. This was one of the most awesome birding experiences we have ever had! Total Australian birds: 357!

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Dec 1, 2012 - Philip Maher's Plains Wanderer Weekend

Our first day with Philip Maher began at 6:30 am. The meeting place was at the Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park, right outside our door. We were part of a group of nine individuals, who had signed up for one of Philip's "Plains Wanderer Weekends." During these weekends, Philip looks for the birds throughout the Deniliquin area, in various habitats. The previous weekend had seen 149 birds, so our goal was 150. Philip's co-leader was Robert Nevinson, a resident of the Deniliquin area. They each drove an SUV and at the afternoon break, we...

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Nov 9, 2012 - Step 1

So, this is step one of the big adventure. I'm sure all of you have heard both me and Bridget bragging and saying how excited we are, but we have only just begun the planning process. So first I will give you a quick lowdown of our plans at the moment. We are flying in to London in the beginning of March. We'll do a little travel of the UK first, including visiting my old school friend Courtney in Scotland, as well as some of my cousin's in-laws. Also on the agenda is St patty's day adventures!!! We will then try and find employment,...

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Aug 23, 2011 - Nearly Out Of NSW

Hi, We have had another interesting few days. When we left Bourke we drove to Cobar and went straight to the caravan park. Parked next to the couple that we had bumped into the day before. After setting up we walked into town and did some exploring. I found a very interesting young lady who lives on a property that we were near when we went to Louth for a picnic, way back when, and Shindies Pub is her local - very interesting lady. She runs the knitting shop and drives 180kms a day to work and back each day. I had lost Barry, but found him...

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