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This is my new little friend Gui Jing (pronounced Gway Jing). She is 5 months old. She was brought to China Care in August from a Social Welfare Institution. That is what state run orphanages are called in China. These same institutions also care for the elderly. Gui Jing is the smallest baby here and I have really enjoyed spending time holding her and ... telling her all of the things that she will one day be able to do now that she has had surgery and is recovering from two club feet. She is precious.

At night she wears shoes that are connected by a medal bar that are helping her feet to heal properly after surgery. Many of the children here have a pair of shoes like this with their name on the bottom.

Gui Jing lives in the baby room here, with 10 other babies between 5 months and a few years of age. China Care has rented out a number of apartments in one complex. Two are offices, two are dorms for volunteers, one is a warehouse. Then two have 10 children each. Two others are set up as Foster families, each with 5 children. We are now preparing a new ICU room for children who have more serious medical needs. There are over 60 staff who watch over these babies. China Care has a couple other orphanages in China. And they do help with medical needs of children who are in other orphanages also.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at an orphanage. This is a great place! Let us know if you're interested.

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