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The newest addition to Seoul, Cheonggyecheon. New park and walkway.

Burgers, fish on the left and beef on the right.

Late night eats

Cheapest way to eat, on the street.

The beast!

I love this sign, lost your child?

So this is the Social Welfare Society, I'm on the 5th floor.

Everybody is waiting for someone. . .


these were used for sending smoke signals thru out the city.


The brand new National Museum.



Yes, penut butter squid. . .



Everything can be found at Namdaemun Market




These were really good!


Sunday shoppers

Oh Seoul, so yesterday Shin took me on a rather busy day of tripping around the city. We started off with a cable car ride (very short ride) to the Namsan Tower, also known as the Seoul Tower (which happens to be closed until sometime in December, I'm sure it's cool though). Namsan Park, which holds the tower, used to be an old fort and has a impressive view of downtown Seoul and allows you to realize the scope of the city. The fact that the city is built around many hills and is nestled into a valley only makes it more interesting. The park still retains a few of the old walls as well as the old chimneys used for sending smoke signals thru out the valley back in the day.

From there we went to the Namdaeumun Market, which is also Seouls night bazar. This is Seouls oldest open air market and has existed for over 600 years. Here you can find cheap knock offs of cloths, assecories, toys, food and pretty much whatever else you are looking for. Prices are low but so is the quality. There are however quite a few food vendors so I was able to snack and eat my way thru much of the market. And as most of you know I do like to eat! The one thing about Asia is that there are tons of street vendors, those that are out during the day and then those that pop up at night. This is indeed the cheapest way to eat in any town.

We also visited Cheonggyechon which has just finished a restoration prject changing a old part of Seoul into a new pedestrain park that fllows just below street level with a brand new stream and walkway.

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