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Everyday traffic in Lima

San Francisco church and catacombs

bones of 70,000 people found in catacombs

bones found in well in catacombs

ceremonial earrings for men in ancient Peruvian culture

Ancient Mummy

Erotic pottery

Gold armor to cover the dead

Ancient Pottery

Well we finally arrived late at night in the very crowded City of Lima. We took a shuttle because we couldn`t locate a taxi. So that got us to our hotel around 10:00 pm at which time they told us they didn't have a reservation for us. They did put us up in a room in, but we found out early the next morning our travel company had us reserved in another hotel. So we packed up and took a taxi over there. Actually it turned out to be a much better place.

We decided to venture out to some of the museums, so we took a taxi to the middle of town. The taxi driver pulled a fast one on us and dropped us at the wrong location at which time we found ourselves in a less than desirable location in town walking right into a demonstration of about 2000 to 3000 college age protestors marching and yelling with signs. We were hoping it had nothing to do with the war in Iraq. There were hundreds of riot police around with two large armored vehicles with large water hoses. Perfect, every travel warning says make sure you don't find yourself in a demonstration. That was our second one since being in South America. We quickly moved away to find ourselves in an even worse part of town. We got in another taxi as quick as we could and eventually ended up in the right part of town. We decided to get something to eat, so we sat down in a pretty good restaurant. As we were eating, some local homeless person walked in and excused himself and grabbed Melissa's fork and tried to start eating her food. She, of course, pushed him away and the waiter came out with a long stick to shoo him away.

After that things turned out to be fairly calm. We met our group which consists of five women from Australia, one woman from New Zealand, a young woman from Germany, two young lads from Ireland, a woman from the UK and of course our tour guide, Simon, orignally from South Africa, but now married and living in Cusco with a wife and two kids.

We visited several museums and two churches in Lima. One which has the remains of Pizarro. In the other church there were numerous catacombs and we included those photographs.

I thought flying scared me, but driving in this city is probably the most dangerous thing I've ever done. It's one near miss after another. There is obviously some structure to this chaos they all understand, but it's nothing but confusion to a foreigner. Honking your horn I think is also a passion for these folks. Now we are off to Pisco and Nazca.

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