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The Gaurdians to the temple


Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple








Seokgulam Grotto, in here is. . .

this. No photos's are allowed.




The tomb of Kings (2), Daeneungonwon



So Shin and I went south again and checked out a town called Gyeongju (no I can't pronounce it either), in a different proverence then Mokpo. I believe Korea has about 4 or 6 in total. This was probably the most culturally related thing I have done so far on my entire trip. We saw the tombs at Daeneugwon which are large earthen mounds (smaller ones actually dot the country side for the regular folk) and also a buddhist shrine at Seokgulam Grotto which is certified as one of the worlds best Buddhist shrines by UNESCO along with the Bulguksa Temple. At almost all these places though you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the shrines, temples or tombs so you all only get to see the outside.

The town itself was preparing for Bush's (yes, ours) arrival so there were helicopters, armed soldiers and a multitude of police everywhere. But besides that and being very off season it seemed pretty nice. Friendly people, with good restaurants and a beavy of bars, due to I think the 3 or 4 universities in town. It seemed to have much more going on then Mokpo and I think in the summer time the place is probably pretty hopping. Plus there are two lakes and plenty of trails to hike all around town.

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