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Classic African image - the elephants of Amboseli with Kilimanjaro in the...

Leopard - Tsavo - an amazingly close encounter of these elusive cats...

hippo - Tsavo

Trying to keep control of his camels, not helped by us speeding...

Road blocks - forever at the mercy of the authorities at the...

Viewing a solar eclipse which passed through the Chalbi Dessert whilst I...

These isolated settlements the first we came across for hundreds of miles,...

This settlement near lake turkana 3 days travel from the nearest civilisation,...

traffic jam

Lion cubs - Masia Mara

Cheetha & cubs a rare sighting - Masia Mara

Lion yawn - Masia Mara

Mara sunset

Very rare black Rhino at Nakuru

Croc waiting to snap whatever passes by - Tsavo

Elephant charge Tsavo

Lazy lion - Masia Mara

what seems to be the most common passtime in kenya

where I stayed on lake turkana

one of the sumburu people

looking out at over a million flamengos at Nakuru

So from Uganda I planned a couple of weeks in Kenya followed by a last few weeks finishing in Egypt, but once again my plans changed and I scraped the idea of Egypt deciding to spend longer and finish in Kenya which was surprisingly interesting and enjoyable. For starters Nairobi was a real surprise and once again i met some good people and ended up enjoying my time there. Kenya's national parks and wildlife were incredible, I spent some time on the coast near Lamu which was unspoilt and had a similar atmosphere as Thailand's beaches, and a mad adventurous trip off the beaten track to the far northern tribe lands and Lake Turkana was a fascinating experience.

As with the rest of Africa it seems the Kenya people associate more with which tribe their from rather than their national identity, many not recognising land borders, the area of the far north is still subject to continuing disputes between different tribes some from Ethiopia. Our trip up there meant no modern amenities or internet for 2 weeks, the roads were dirt tracks if we were lucky, but usually worst, trying to make it to the next settlement before dark, coming across nothing for miles and miles apart from the odd lone tribal warrior herding some cattle. This is how most Kenyans live and its feels like taking a step back in time as it seems little must have changed with no electricity, development or western influence in these parts. Also whilst passing through the Chalbi Dessert we had a perfect view of an eclipse of the sun which passed across northern Kenya early October.

Like the rest of southern and eastern Africa I really enjoyed Kenya and looking back on the trip as a whole I feel pleased with what I done. Most of the 18 months were spent in South America and Africa with a couple of months of Asia in between. South America was a great start right in the deep end and challenging, the language for starters, everything was fascinating the Latin way of life so different from home as well as the jungles, the Andie's, Patagonia, and the history & culture. Thailand was great as ever, but India was the only disappointment it just wasn't for me, I got sick, got stressed just hated it and cut my time there short, but that gave me more time in Africa which I loved every minute of, so it all worked out ok (if anything my experience in Indian built up my tolerance levels as I seemed to cope with all the difficulties Africa threw at me with ease). The best thing about travelling though was all the amazing people you meet, both locals and other travellers, I will really miss that aspect, and also the complete freedom of no commitments and the adventure of never knowing where your be from week to week, just going with the flow, it was a great time.

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