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Jun Ping on the left

yesterday, we arrived at ChinaCare, the organization who runs several orphanages in China. we're staying in a nice place on the outskirts of Beijing. our job: play with babies. all of the children here are here because they have some sort of illness or disability. the beijing branch is sort of a medical hub where the children can get the medical care they so badly need. once treatment is received, they are moved to another orphanage. they range in age from a few months to 4 years. upon arrival, we went through a crash-course on hygiene, safety and other things that have to do with taking care of babies.

today, we went to visit the kids. we went to see the older ones, the toddlers. a little background info for you: babies arent my thing. they are way too fragile, not like a chainsaw. the booklet we got at the training was intimidating. there are so many things that you cant do with babies, and so many things that must be done. you have to do everything for them. so, why am i here, you ask? because its not my thing, thats why. i can learn this, i assure you. i am not caught off guard, even thought you may think so. it is a little uncomfortable for me, though. ill admit that.

when we walked into the kids room, after washing our hands, a little girl, for some reason, chose me. so we hung out for two hours. Jun Ping is four years old, but has the mind of a two-year old. by the looks of her, she has had surgery on her face for a cleft lip. we sat down, her in my lap, and just checked each other out. apparently, she likes foreign guys. she just looked at me as if to say, "entertain me now". i didnt know what else to do other than talk to her and hold her. we also "read" books. she likes books. we also went outside and took a walk to the playground, rode the see-saw, and then called it a day. thats my job here, to play with babies, and the occasional odd-job. its not easy for me, but i think i may get the hang of it...with practice.

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