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First time driving in Australia... on the way to Nimbin!

Alma,Neil and Steve in the backseat

Alma,Stacey,Steve and Neil at the Nimbin rocks

Welcome to Nimbin!! (Me,Steve, Neil and Stacey)

A pic from the Marijuna musem!

Koala (SOO CUTE!!)

More Koalas!

Me holding a koala(too bad its blurry!!!)

Feeding kangaroos!

Isnt he funny?!!

Me feeding them again!

Dont ask!! Stacey is just lucky he didnt beat her up!

Scary salt water crocodile!

Stacey and Steve practicing there OMG look!

Sam(also Canadian!),Stacey and I

Stacey and I leaving the bar in Surfers!

Sam and Me in Brisbane

Me on the bus with my huge bag!!

Stacey and "the hand"!! (Brisbane)

Stacey and an Australian guy playing us some music in Byron

Stacey and John at the bar in Surfers

How many drinks does a girl need?!!

That little ball of light up there.. thats us!!

Stacey me and some Australian guy at the bar!

Well its been awhile!! I have been so busy the last couple weeks going from place to place I have hardly made it to a computer. I am in Brisbane now, but I will start back at when I left Byron. A couple days before I left Byron, Stacey, Alma,Steve, Neil and I all rented a car and drove to Nimbin. Its about an hour and a half from Byron. Its this really small alternative, hippy town known for its marjiuna and cookies!! There is a marjiuna musem and everything! Totally just worth checking out even though I dont smoke(everyone else had a few cookies.. just chocolate chip of course!). So of course being the non smoker of the group I drove us there and back, which was totally fine. It was fun to try driving on the otherside of the road, and I made it there and back without hitting anything or anyone! Then I finally left Byron last Tuesday, it was really hard to do, I loved that place! But it was time to move on, so much more to see. We had a great last night though, it was Stacey's last night also. So we drank(of course!) and went out to the bars in town. The next day both Stacey and I headed to Surfers Paradise, which is only about an hour north. We stayed at the same hostel, and have actually been traveling together. She is super awesome and we have been having so much fun, too many great times to even mention! Surfers was ok, just sort of a big tourist place, skyscrapers on the beach and really big party/drinking town(again!). We had some really great nights there though. One night we went on this awesome pub crawl, which was a really good way to see some of Surfers nightlife. One night Stacey and I decided to go do one of those sling shot rides where they whip you over 80m into the air.. it was a blast!! And I finally got to see some koalas and kangaroos! We went to the Crumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It was neat. Koalas are soooooo cute, I want to bring one home!!! I even got to hold one! (it cost extra of course) Although the pic i put on here is a little blurry, I have a better one they gave me. We also got to feed kangaroos and saw some big crocs and stuff. Oh and Rob, Amber and Kyla you will all be glad to hear I finally saw a REALLY big spidar at my hostel!! It was huge you guys would have freaked out!!! So because we didnt think Surfers was that great we only spent 4 nights there, and came to Brisbane on Saturday. Brisbane is pretty much just a big city, although its supposed to have some of the best clubs in all of Australia. We pretty much have just been hanging out here, met up with a couple more friends from Byron and went to our hostel bar a couple nights. The bar at our hostel is actually really big and gets packed on the weekedends... almost too convinent for Stacey and I! Stacey leaves for Thailand on Thursday for a month so I am going to leave Brisbane then and finish up the east coast. I have decided that I am going to go back to Byron Bay for Christmas and New Years! Stacey is going back and Alma will be there. So I think it will make Christmas a lot easier to be around friends and in a place I already know I love. I have already booked a plane ticket. I am going to do Fraiser Island, sail the Whitsundays, do my diving course in Cairns and then fly from Cairns back to Byron on December 20th!! It should be awesome and hopefully make me a little less homesick =( Then after Christmas I will have to get some work ASAP.. because my bank account is already getting dangerously low (and all hostel prices go through the roof for Christmas and New Years.. plus I seem to spend lots of money in Byron!) So thats what I have been up to and what I am going to do!! Hope this isnt too long for you guys ( I am sure a lof of you are just looking at the pics and not reading these anyways!!)

Miss you all !!!!



Oh and I got a cellphone here now!! The number as you guys would have to dial it is :

01161405181031(that should work, thats what the lady said you Canadian folk should dial!) So give me a ring sometime!!

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