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So today I have managed to deleat all of my pic's from the last 3-4 weeks. Whoops. . .

Anywho, Kho Tao was good. It was nice to be somewhere for a period of time and actually hang out with a few folks. I found out as I was leaving that in 1990 there wasn't a main town where all the boats unload, actually there wasn't a road. In 1992 there were 2 or 4 buildings I think and still no paved roads. Now you wouldn't even believe it. You always here story when you are traveling about, "Oh yeah, when I was there. . ." but this was probably the quickest change I have ever seen. Although granted there are still only a few paved roads of which two of them are the road from the pier and the other is the ONE road that goes from the two ends of the Island.

I will have to say diving 2-4 times a day and getting up at 6AM almost everyday keeps you really busy and beat. Although I am in better shape now then when I first got to the island. I was staying at this place called Tropicana and for 250 baht (about $6) a day it's hard to beat for the place and location. Plus it seems to have some of the best food on the island and I do like to eat. It was also a stones throw from the beach and a quick walk to the dive shop. When I first arrived there were only 2 Americans at the shop and now that I am leaving there are about 5 or 6 of us. Most of them are from different parts of Florida, go figure. The other two are from the Seattle area. I had missed some guys from Philly by a month which is pretty amusing. It would of been nice to throw down a few with some folks from back home.

These last few days in BKK are not enough to chill with all my todo lists and I find myself wishing that I had another day or two to just relaxe. I have switched to a place off of Kho San rd which is nice but now I fine myself a bit far from everything, plus it was a bit of a hassel getting my stuff over here. It appears I have a lot of "STUFF". Although the room is growing on me at a price of 120baht a night. ($3) I'm up on the roof, "the Penthouse" or what I like to call the "Pigeon Coup" or just the "Coup" (SP?) . No aircon but two fans and 3 window's makes it more interesting then the concrete warrens that I have been staying in when I normally stay in Bangkok. They are usually like dorm rooms but dirtier and with very tiny windows.

Off to Korea agian and looking forward to hanging out, catching up AND getting a chance to see more of the country.


1- The Dutch have replaced the Asutrailians for having the most out of their country traveling. They are everywhere.

2- Young Isreali's have replaced every other nationality with being the most disliked traveler's in the world! Just as long as it's not us!

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