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thai scenic shot 1

thai scenic shot 2

scenic shot 3 (apparently on the other side of this mountain is...

one of the millions of HUGE Budda's that pop up everywhere in...

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Long Neck lady

Long Neck Little Girl (although her neck isnt that long at the...

the general store in their village

Oxford Street of the Long Neck Tribe

Making her cloth

the view from their village

This place is a million time nicer than Bangkok, do i really have to go back there tomorrow???

Well since i last spoke to you all i have been a busy bee (which you have to be when you're on your own or you get a) lonely b) homesick)

Yesterday i went on a tour up to the mountains to see the long neck tribe. As you can see by the pics i have attached, these women are insane. i dont really know why they wear the gold bands around their neck,some sort of attraction to men i guess but i feel so sorry for them. At the age of 5 they have 5 bands put round their necks and then they just keep adding them. I felt a coil that had 18 bands round it and i could barely pick it up, i dont know how those women do it. And the only time they are allowed to take them off is for maintenance of them (or to add another one) i saw photos of the women without the gold bands on and they looked like aliens. Although apparently the neck doesnt actually get any longer its just the shoulders that move down. was a really good day out and i got to watch them making all the cloth etc that they sell to the tourists to fund their way of life. There are no men in the tribe at the moment as they are in Burma fighting some war so the women have to make these scarves, cloths etc to eat.

Then today i did my Thai Cooking course, i really lucked out as yesterday there were 11 people on the course but today there was just little ol' i got extra special treatment and learned loads. And i got to keep the recipe book so i can wow you all with my culinary talents when i get home...mmmmm not too sure about that one hahaha

Tonight i am jumping back on that bus to Bangkok and then tomorrow i start my tour so i wont be on my own anymore, on Sunday we are off to the jungle to do Elephant rides so i will keep you all posted

lots of love

vik x

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