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Pique-nique at Salta Rafting

Cooling down

Another beautiful campsite


Main square - another tough day...


Traveling from Bolivia into Argentina the change in wealth was incredible. Suddenly in Argentina there are beautiful looking houses with manicured lawns but everything is that much more expensive. The good news is that the roads are actually sealed so the traveling is faster and more comfortable.

Salta is a beautiful town with beautiful people with mullets and mono-brows!! The slightly less desirable campsite gave an opportunity with half the group took to upgrade to hotels for 4 nights, so we said "good-bye" to them for a while! Those of us remaining headed off to Salta Rafting, located 2 hours south in the middle of the mountains and camped by a river. Here it was boiling hot, so took it easy and picnicked with Lynne and Janine by the river while the others went rafting.

It wasn't until the morning of the final day that the sand flies attacked in force and it was time to leave...

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