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my dear ole' dad has a favorite quote. it goes "youll be the same person you are today ten years from now except for the books you read and the people you meet". this train really makes that quote come alive. there arent too many options for entertainment. reading is an option, and so is meeting people. in the cabin next to us there is a frenchman, an englishman, a russian woman and a vietnamese woman. the train is also packed with chinese and mongols. its really interesting to get their persepctive on the U.S. i never realized the impact we have on the world until i left the states - and everyone has an opinion on world issues (except most of my American peers). more specifically, they have an opinion on George Bush and the decisions he makes. i really do love talking about these things. its eye-opening. if i continue at this rate, and the quote holds true, ill be a pretty different person ten years from now.

theres alot of sleeping going on, for sure. relax is all one can do - there is no choice. i cant be active, so im always at least a little tired. nap here, nap there. the problem is this: the more you sleep, the more tired you become. "you start to turn into a bloody zombie", mike the englishman says. hes right. throw the crossing of seven times zones into the mix, and youre left with one confused body-clock.

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