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Max and Anna: blue-eyed Swedes

Siberian village

our cabin

this is day 2 on the train. there are four bunks per cabin in second class and we are very glad to have two Swedes as bunkmates. Max and Anna are taking a few months to travel a bit. they spoke very good english, as most of the swedish do, and were a pleasure to be around. we were all happy that we didnt get stuck with a smoker or a drinker.

the scenery is not much to speak about. yes, i have been spoiled - ok, extremely spoiled - by living in alaska. even so, at this point the landscape is flat and wooded with no leaves on the trees and no snow to aid in the beautification. we have caught siberia in the awkward in-between stage of fall and winter. its hard for many places to look nice during this stage, especially when its a flat place.

there is nothing to do on the train. there is no way to exercise or to burn calories. in a way, youre trapped. if it sounds like a negative thought, well, thats because it is. it really does take some getting used to. when i dont move, i dont burn fuel, i dont get hungry and i dont eat or drink. my body doesnt like this at all. i feel pretty bad, sick to my stomach, visiting the bathroom more often than is normal. im trying to stay positive. after all, this is a cool thing to be doing and im blessed to be here. but itd be nice if the train ride was over now. im such a wuss.

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