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Starting early(2pm)!!

Drinking games

Stacey and Clara

Steve taking a jump into the pool


Steve and Stacey having fun in the pool!

Me,Clara,Steve,Stacey and Wick

Me,Clara and Stacey... goodtimes on the beach!

Its just cranberry juice.. we swear!!

A good one of Clara and Stacey

Clara and Stacey

Me, Alma and Stacey

Me, Alma, and Stacey

Us again!

Clara, Me and Alma

Not much new to report but I wanted to put a few more of my pics on so I dont get too behind. Most of them are from a really great day Clara, Stacey, Steven, Neil and I had. It started to rain when we were at the beach, and didnt know what to do so we decide to start having a few drinks (it was 2pm!) anyways the rain ended up only lasting hald an hour but by then well... you can see. We had a blast playing in the pool and going to the beach. We lasted until 3am also! Alma joined us when she got home from work. All in all it was a great day. My goal is to leave Byron on Monday.... but we'll see, I am really going to try! Anyways I will write more when I figure out what I am doing or when I get to my new town!!



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