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El Sillar

El Sillar (2)

El Sillar (3)

Rob - now this is an orange bike!!

Bolivian ladies


On the horses

More horses


What a natural!



More rocks



Joel turning chickens

Tropic of Capricorn

Tupiza - a tiny town in the middle of Butch Cassidy country. Was supposed to watch the video in Uyuni before coming here, but some others had a film playing already...

Some more stunning scenery. Lots of rock formations but with lush green in the valley. To explore I went on a tri-tour. Starting in jeeps we were driven to the top of a hill, where bikes were off loaded and we biked down...this definitely confirmed that mountain biking is NOT my sport! The equipment was very poor and the road surface was semi-cross country. (very sore the next day!) Down for the first 10Km then slightly up for the next 10Km. Lunch was followed by a relaxing drive to the horses and a gentle ride through the very dry and dusty, but beautiful Valle de los Machos. Even managed to master the Western-style horse-riding; holding the reigns in one hand only....and clinging on the saddle for dear-life with the other!!

Slept in tents and never before seen so many stars in the sky.

From here, after nearly 3 weeks at over 10,000ft we left the Altiplano and thankfully returned to sea-level.

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