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Don't laugh it was my first time!!!

Me falling off the board!

The fish under the water where we were surfing

Our surfing group

Sunset in Byron

Big turtle (I havent actually seen one yet!)

Byron Girls: Hannah(Germany),Me,Alma(Ireland)and Stacey(Canada)

Alma, Stacey, Hannah and I again!

Drinking in the hostel courtyward

Stacey and I on Halloween "Canadian Girls"(can you tell!)

Another sunset

The surf company I used was called "BlackDog surfing"!

The Irish Leprechauns

The Canadian Girls and the Irish Leprechauns

Clara and Steven

Dhara as one of the Leprechauns

Alma pushing the Leprechauns!

Adam, John and Me (my English friends I met in Sydney)

Wick(sweeden) and Clara(Ireland) I have no idea what Wick is doing..!!

"cheers" Stacey and Hannah

Well I haven't written in awhile. I can't even believe its already November!!! I have been in Byron two weeks today and just cant seem to leave! I have really been doing nothing. We drink everynight and either stay at the hostel or go out, then sleep in and go to the beach in the afternoon and start all over again. Thats sorta what this town is, drinking and beach and well surfing. Speaking of which, I took my first lesson last Monday.. it was a lot of fun and I did get up, many times actually(defently didnt look the best though!) I was supposed to take another lesson the next day but it was SOOO windy that they cancelled and it stayed windy for the next few days, still sunny just windy. One day Alma, Stacey, Hannah and I went down to the beach and played in the waves... they were insaine, so big. They would take you under and when you finally got back up you couldnt see and another one would take you out!! We got thrashed but it was a lot of fun. Hannah left Wednesday ( I think, the days are blurring togehter!) and we made sushi for her last night, it was awesome! We try to all cook together a few times a week to cut costs, we have made a couple great curries also. Our hostel is pretty good, lots of good people and everyone just sits in the courtyard drinking and then we all go out. I ran into my 2 English friends that I met in Sydney at the bar here, so that was cool. Theres a pic of us on Halloween. Our room has been really great. Alma, Stacey and I have all been there forever and then people just keep rotating. We had a great Canadian guy, Trevor from Calgary(the Canadains outnumbered everone in the room for a few days!) and then two awesome Irish guys(then the Irish outnumbered!) One of the Irish guys, Dave could play the guitar and sing so well! We just sat in our room and drank boxed wine( I know I know, but its cheap!!) and listened to him play. On Halloween day I woke up really sick, super sore throat, achey, felt like my head was going to explode and no energy.. but it was Halloween so I had to go out! Although Halloween is not really celebrated here, no pumpkins or trick or treating! Lots of backpackers dressed up though. Stacey and I threw together a costume at the last minute. We just made Canada shirts, got red wigs and lipstick and went at crazy Canadian girls(at least no one asked if we were American that night). I took a bunch of tylanol and went out and I am glad I did, because we had a blast!! Slept until 4 yesterday though, and finally took a night off last night and feel much better today! So thats pretty much all I have done here.. I still want to get out for some more surfing. I did have another lesson booked for last Sat. morning but I was too hungover to go(stupid me) but I do plan on getting some more in! I really like Byron and the people here but I know I must move on soon, so much more to still see!! We are all going to a really good New Zealand band thats playing here on Thursday night(they actually have some really good live music here) and then I will probably stay through the weekend and then head North again. I hope everyone is awesome.. . I miss you all !! I love it here but I do wish I could see everyone for a day!! check out the pics and I will write again soon!


Ash =)

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