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Red lanterns on the Xian wall

Sichuan Hotpot

Early morning stretch

Terracotta Tat

Terracotta warriors 1

Terracotta warriors 2

Terracotta warriors 3

Hello again!

From Beijing, we took a 13 hour overnight sleeper train to X'ian (said: She-ann). There is a large wall encircling the city which we rented tandam bicycles and rode around. This has been a real highlight of our trip! It was beautifully decorated with red lanterns as you will see.

That night, we dined on a Sichuan hot pot - a traditional dish much like fondue. Unfortunately, Brian had to experience squat toilets a lot that night (yup, he had the runs!!!) One toilet spurted water back at him when he flushed. Ewwww! He is much better now thankfully!

Next was the Terracotta Warriors - very impressive. The emperor built these to protect him in the after life...a bit paranoid if you ask me.

If you got up early enough, you could see the retired Chinese people stretching and doing Tai Chi by the wall. Very fit and limber...we could learn a thing or two from them.

All is going well. We all have a bit of a pollution cough/cold and runny noses. Be thankful for the fresh air over there - even if it is raining a lot for those in NI.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween and we'll try and post more photos soon.

Good night.

PS Happy Belated birthday Dee and Anniversary Rhonda & Darb.

PSS Kevers and Kieran - how was Costa Rica and the beach bed???

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