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So I have been on the island for 6 days now and in that time I have refreshed my CPR training and have become a certified Rescue Diver. I will be starting the process for my Dive Masters certificate in the next few days so looking foward to getting some more dives in. My first day at the dive shop was a "required orientation meeting" they basicly orientated me to where the bar was and introduced me to some of the staff. Gee, I'm glad I didn't miss that one. It's been the best meeting I've had all week!

So I also ran into Leng again from the rafting trip in Nepal As we were also hanging out in BKK a bit it's been amusing to run into the same faces while you are traveling. I also flew back from Nepal BKK with David from Idaho who I ran into while I was Pohkra and then agin in KTM. And speaking of traveling, the bus ride down from BKK to Chumphon was LONG, again with the 8-10 hr bus rides. But atleast the bus's are worlds better then the ones in Nepal. We got to the bus station in Chumphon around 3 in the morning and there were straw mats with a cushin to sleep on in the waiting room, I of course choose not to bring my mat for once but whipped out my sleeping bag (which I have no real reason to have except that it wouldn't fit into my bag in storage in BKK) and was sound alseep until about 6 when we got the shout that we were boarding another bus to the pick up some people at the train station and then off to the slow ferry to Kho Tao.

as we pulled out from the dock and headed down river I met a couple out of Virginia. It's nice to run into folks from the states.

So my place at the . . .I always forget where I am staying is just off the beach and is costing me about 250bht (roughly about 6usd) and is two doors down from the dive shop so the location works but it would be nice to have a room where you don't have to dump water down the toilet everytime you want to flush. That and if I had electrcity 24hrs a day would be nice. But the staff is nice, the food is good and it's cheaper then BKK. That and the little beach bar next door is ran by a Greak guy Charlie so it's been fun hanging out there and he let's me play my music which is even better.

I guess more later, internet here is the most I have had to pay so far, $3/hr!

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