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Common questions we are being asked...

Who is your favorite author? and poet? and painter? Umm...

Can we talk about the economics of your country?

But the history of your country is so short, how can you not know it all?

What do you believe about God? How do you pray?

So what languages do you speak? (Surely everyone speaks more than one)

What instruments do you play? They all seem to play at least one, except for the

children at the orphanage, although a few of them are learning.

When I speak Russian louder and slower, do you understand?

How do you communicate and survive here without speaking Russian?

"Do you want" I mean, "Surely you want some... caviar? liver paste? cow tongue? bright

pink soup? thin jelly to drink with that? hedgehog? (what?)" And we are thinking...

Ya loobloo McChicken y French Fries. (I want a McChicken sandwich and french fries.)

Questions we are asking...

*When will Christ return, take His rightful place and bring His Kingdom, ending the pain and suffering in this world? Meeting all the needs of every child. Is He waiting for Israel to cry out? Then we need to pray for Israel.

*Since many Russian people realize that the lack of spirituality is a main cause of the darkness and deterioration of their society, why are they not more open? Because the previous generation, who still seems to fill key leadership roles and thus has control over funds, reprimands them...

*Why are the Russian people still a bit apprehensive to those who come to teach about God?

"For so long, we were told what to believe about everything, now that we're free, the last thing we want is someone telling us what to believe. I do want to learn about the Bible, we must read and know it in order to understand so many things. We just don't want to be pushed. You must come back here.' We've heard many times, and of course, that to

minister here one must be very sensitive to what these people have been through.

Freedom means a lot more than I ever realized before. These people were completely

oppressed. Hearing their perspective makes me realize the depth and importance of


*Why do so many, here and everywhere, teach about the law and the 10 commandments,

leaving out the fact that it was created to show us our inability to meet those

requirements? Leaving out the fact that Christ fulfilled the law for us and that we need only believe in Him for eternal life? I guess they've not yet heard.

*Why have my needs always been met in such abundance when the needs of so many others

are not? I don't know... but that's a great motivation to always give thanks, and to seek ways to share the blessings that are poured out upon us.

*What does 'a mother' do after abandoning her child? Can she rejoice in the new found

freedom? God help this society of women who is lost, seeking all that God would

completely and permanently fulfill within them if given the chance. They seek fulfillment in lesser things that offer it partially and temporarily, always returning void.


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