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Valentina in the fabric shop

Buying a guitar

Everyone looks cool with a guitar on their back

Toy store


the teachers were very grateful

last night, sally, Valentina (sewing instructor at the orphanage) and I went to a fabric store to purchase some materials for the children in her classes. they were running short on supplies and had no money to spend. from our observations, the kids love to create things with needle and thread. they spend alot of their time in the sewing room. the teachers also say that its good for the children to create things on their own, using their heads and hands, making things they can be proud of. we went in and Valentina was a like a kid in a candy store. i didnt think anyone could be so excited about fabric. she came out with more than she had hoped for. after that, we went to the music store where we bought an acoustic guitar. the music teacher at the orphanage requested this. there are some kids there who can play, and more who will have an opportunity to learn with a new instrument. we also picked up some percussion instruments, too. today, we went to a toystore with a list from one of the preschool teachers at the orphanage. we showed the list to the store clerk, and about an hour later we walked out with bags full of goodies the teachers can use to better educate the kids. we bought books, atlases, music tapes, puzzles, finger paint, play-doh, markers and alot more. the teachers were so excited to see all of this. hopefully, they are better equipped to do their job.

we got on the bus to the orphanage with backpacks full, and bags full of stuff, and sally, with a guitar on her back. we left the orphanage with empty hands and empty backpacks. we came, we saw, we delivered. the money you have given is being used to provide these children with some of what they need. they are very grateful.

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